Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Weigh In

I am bored

I am getting my haircut on Friday and I am seriously considering this.



aubry. said...

1. katie holmes paid someone $300/hr to do her hair prior to whatever media event took place the night this photo was taken. i will do your hair, but my fee is $350.

i love the cut, but you have as much hair as i tuck behind my right ear and you will not be satisfied by the end result.

honest besties rule!

prcessmag said...

Very cute cut....but,I did just chop my hair off because I was bored, and now I miss my hair like crazy, and it didn't turn out like in the picture or what I had invisioned in my head. However...you can pull off some bangs girl! I was thinking about that when I saw you on saturday. :)

robin said...

heavens yes! i am all for people cutting their hair. i think everyone should do it.

however, i am not familiar with the texture and thickness of your hair like aubry, so you know, talk to your hairdresser and ask her what's best for you yada yada...

but definitely do something like it! that would be awesome.