Monday, December 27, 2010


hi friends, aubry here.
mostly known at "miss" around here.

santa brought jen a blog overhaul
by way of my super blog friend jenna of q.a. designs.
clever, right? and sooooo jen.
as i explained it to jenna, i was going for the lisa turtle meets bret michaels look.
we're both in love.

soooooo.... merry christmas jen!

by the way.  jen's the best friend a girl could have.
top three reasons right here:
1.  we both know exactly what to do when the check comes to the table.
2.  she's the only one i'm comfortable enough to sit with while we watch a wicked psycho sexual thriller.
3.  i'm a size six in the anthro dressing room when jen's by my side.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

All I want for Christmas.......

I made my Anthro wish list for my husband today.

It is full of delightful goodies that I hope make it under the tree.

None more that these boots though.

These get out of my dreams and into my car boots are....

To Die For

So hopefully come December 26th I will be walkin' around with these beauties on my feet.

That is if I remain nice and eat my vegi's.

It's Official

I was cast as Tammy in Hairspray.

Who is Tammy you say?

Well in this pics she is behind on the right with the flip and the headband.

She is a member of the Council, which is the group of kids on the Corny Collins Show.

I am one of five girls in the Council...and get ready for this......

It is a dance part.

Yes folks....this little girl who has been singing since she came out of the womb was cast

In a dance part

So come one come all to see a 33 year old in a sea of 17-21 year olds dance.

 To be honest.....

I am totally excited!