Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Buffy Movie

They are making a Buffy movie. Without Joss. Without Sarah. Without any of the TV cast.


I do not see how a movie is even possible. I mean are there going to be two girls named Buffy? And who is going to write the damn thing? There is no Buffy without Joss. Hey and guess what brought this about? Thats right....people looking to profit from the vampire craze caused by Twilight.

Stupid Stephanie Meyer

American Idol

OK look. I do not go off often. I watched Jon and Kate +8 and just shook my head. I watch The Hills and just laugh at Heidi. But this was too much. An American Idol Scandal? Get over yourself. Look I don't care if this a gay vs. straight thing, I don't care if this is a rock vs. folky thing. What I do care about is MSN taking time to report on the fact that because the man who some people think should have won did not......there is a scandal. Look people.....if Adam should have won then YOU FINANCE AN ALBUM FOR HIM.

All the celebrities who think he was robbed should like shut the hell up and produce his album. Kris won. It is done. Did ANY of you complain when Gore was robbed of the white house? Or how about when Arrested Development was taken from the air.

. Get over it.


Sweet Sunday Kisses


This is my boy. My sweet Angel boy. I love him so so so much.



My Boy and My Kids

If there ever was any doubt......

When a Boy Gets Your Camera

This Happens

Little Miss Graduates

This little miss graduated last week. She is an adult. Little sassy adult.

Real Kids

Seriously.... lovin' them more and more


The Arizona Temple. It's a pretty important place for me. Going back there now....well it was simply amazing. Even just walking around the outside. I am so happy right now. I am so thankful for my life

Dad and Lori

Great ribs, stocked Diet Coke, good company, In-N-Out, Wii and the Wii pants.

I love you guys!!!!

This Deserves It's Own Post

That is all

We're Goin' To The Zoo

Within 24 hours of gettin to Phoenix I was at the Zoo.

With the elephants...

...the turtles...

...the goats...

...and the birds...

It was totally fun and it was not even that hot. I will admit to you that I can not post most of the zoo pictures because Ed just liked taking pictures of....well....animals butts. All I am saying is do not hire him to photograph any important family functions

Friday, May 15, 2009

Favorite Friday - The George Foreman Grill

So my life is now complete.

On Mothers Day I got a sweet, sweet gift (because I am a mom...shut up yes I am). Anyway, yes a sweet gift. Ed Parker gave me a George Foreman Grill. And let me tell has changed my life forever. Fools I cooked 3 pieces of chicken to golden perfection in under 30 minutes. I COOKED CHICKEN Y'ALL. I mean this is great news for my future family because now they will not starve. George Foreman has saved generations.

And so George Foreman this Friday is dedicated to you and your sweet a grill.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Star Trek

Saturday...Aubry boldly went where no...well Aubry had gone before. She ate at Happy Sumo and saw Star Trek.

Good job miss.

My Answer

You are never to old...

To get asked to prom.....

That is 80 fortune cookies people...80 cookies to ask me to prom.

Miss and I opened all 80 on her bedspread and learned that Auby is great with people and who knew. Well the Lord knows but that is a long story.

This is why I date this man......

Ed Puts Up Shelves

Who knew...Ed Parker can totally put up lime green shelves from Ikea. I did almost die when one fell but then I learned what an anchor was. So all and all....I got shelves and a life lesson.

Ed's Birthday

Ed had a birthday

Ed wore a fish hat

Ed saw Wolverine

Ed had the Captains Plate

Ed is handsome


Everything I ever needed to learn I learned from a Birthday Chain

Friday, May 8, 2009

Favorite Friday - 157 Birmingham Lane

Home.....I am home. Fabulous decor, fabulous roommates, and lime green shelves that almost killed me. Intervention Monday, American Idol, THS, and The Hills. Breakfast, shopping,cooking chicken and 100 packets of Ocean Spray. I am at peace here. Plus we are going to paint some furniture.

My heart is full of gratitude for my miss....who generously took me in. She has a good and generous heart. A house and 100 hours of community service....what more could you ask for in a friend. Oh and she makes the best cupcakes in the whole world. Oh and she is my ultimate style consultant. Oh and we both know the importance of putting Sean Preston and Jayden James through college.

So 157 Birmingham Lane and all who reside within, I dedicate this Friday to you...and many more to come.

That silver bowl of fortune cookies is not going to eat itself...get to it