Friday, May 15, 2009

Favorite Friday - The George Foreman Grill

So my life is now complete.

On Mothers Day I got a sweet, sweet gift (because I am a mom...shut up yes I am). Anyway, yes a sweet gift. Ed Parker gave me a George Foreman Grill. And let me tell has changed my life forever. Fools I cooked 3 pieces of chicken to golden perfection in under 30 minutes. I COOKED CHICKEN Y'ALL. I mean this is great news for my future family because now they will not starve. George Foreman has saved generations.

And so George Foreman this Friday is dedicated to you and your sweet a grill.


kelzone said...

my george foreman saved my life at college...but guess what jen? i went to europe and i did not know 3 of the girls i was going with till i got friend kelsey said "guess what character carly (one of the previously unknown girls)was at disney world two years ago?"..."alice"...she taught me the wave and everything

robin said...

oh good heavens . . . i would not have made it thru college without my georgie.

ooh . . . and here's a tip . . . while it's still hot, put a couple wet paper towels in there to ease the clean up later. (in my case, later is in about three days . . . that thing can sit on our counter for weeks without anyone cleaning it. ooh, doesn't that just make you want to come to our house for dinner? "hey, robin's cooking chicken! let's all get some!")

aubry. said...

if george was a real person (not the boxer, the grill) he'd be a schmuckity schmuck.

that's why i am drawn to him.