Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Beauty is expensive.

And this little gem is proof.

I die for it. I got it in a sample and just like crack it got me hooked. 

Seriously I have NEVER had a product that made my face feel as divine as this did.


Especially with the pregnancy...my face has been a WRECK. I felt like a new woman after this.

So thank you Kate Sommerville for your magical expensive habit forming treatment.

Damn you Sephora and your free samples. 

Monday, August 29, 2011

A Goodnight Surprise

Before going to bed I checked my analytics.

Someone found my blog by searching "pube beard"

Well done Sweet J....well done.

Small Notes

Dear Melissa,
When you are 32 you do not act like this

Sometimes boys like other girls that are not you....and being 32 you should know that. 

Dear Vienna,
Look at me when I talk to you.

Look me straight in the eye....oh wait.

Dear Kasey,

You are gross. Clear your throat. Don't sing.

Dear Blonde Girl,
I don't care enough about you to know your name

But stop kissing that way. Buh.

2011 VMA

Where WHERE do I even begin.....

Lady Gaga....f'real? Miss (who has yet to watch) asked if she was dressed as Ralph Macchio. Yeah pretty much. She was a MESS and coked out of her mind (trust me). Now I am a Gaga fan...I mean the girl can sing....but she is c-razy. Like not just doing it for the shock value....she is straight up CRAZY. I had to fast forward through her half the time because it was NUTS. I was WISHING for the meat dress. Plus PLUS she RUINED my Brit Brit tribute. 

Fierce Hot Mess

Great Grandma Bieber was there with his snake. Seriously, this kid looked RIDICULOUS. My Grandma has this outfit. Like in her closet right now, 

Jay-Z and Kanye performed. It was off the chain yo. But the best Jay Z moment came when he refused to even acknowledge that Chris Brown was performing. AND HE WAS FLYING. I mean Jay Z just sat there cooling sipping his drink while Chris Brown FLEW over the audience. I mean sorry Chris some people don't forget you beat Rihanna...but that performance was dynamite...but you beat a woman.

Mumford and Sons is not and I repeat NOT Rock. They are folksy wussy music. The only rock band in the rock category were The Foo Fighters. I loved Dave Grohl's acceptance speech "Don't lose faith in real 
rock 'n' roll music" I won't Dave...I promise.

Oh you. You have my heart. I cried when you won. You are back on top. I love you.
Also Ed did not mean it when he called you a trashy ho. And let me assure you he slept on the couch. 

This THIS performance. FLAWLESS. Ed says "I don't get her or her appeal" I said "are you deaf ?"
Seriously I held my breath through that song. It was amazing. She is amazing. 

I mean....ok first off..."Love on Top" is my favorite track off her new album. That girl can SING. Second. When she opened her jacket and rubbed her little belly I lost it. Like CRIED. I cried because she was pregnant and I cried at the fact that THAT fetus has more money than I will see in a lifetime. Oh Beyonce...I love you...not like Brit...but I adore you.

What's on your head? I love you Katy Perry and you and your husband are sweet. Speaking of, I love what Russell Brand said about Amy Winehouse. Addiction is a bitch. Trust me. But I will say this. Bruno Mars did a great job on Valerie. well done sir...well done.

Uhhh remember this post? Yeah I love this girl. And she rocked it broken foot and all.

Just stop. STOP right now. 

You too.

So all in all good year. I mean you know for a channel that no longer plays videos.

Friday, August 26, 2011

If you ever loved my girl baby

You will enter this giveaway for her.

Or keep them for yourself.


Thursday, August 25, 2011

Dear Baby

Breakfast - Twinkie and Diet Coke
Lunch - Veggie Sandwich and fries dipped in wasabi sour cream
Snack - M&M's
Dinner - Chicken and Rice
Dessert - Drumstick
Snack - 2 Twinkies 2 Capri Suns

Today was a pretty healthy day for both of us

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

My Favorite Things

Today is a day....and it is noon.
SO I am trying the Sound of Music method.

Listing my favorite things.
Diet Coke
Trashy TV
Hair Metal
Vintage Southern Gospel Choirs
Girl Baby
The Gospel
Designer Jeans
Sweet Baby Clothes
The Color Orange
A Good Book
Live Music
Trashy Pop
My Young Women
Tina Fey
Sunny in Philadelphia
When Sookie gets hurt in True Blood
Trusting Pandas
Capri Suns
Swiss Cake Rolls
Mashed Potatoes
Bestie Movie Days

I mean these are just a few........

And now I don't feeeeeeeeeeeeeeeel so bad.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011


I lost a follower today. I mean when you have (had) 80 you notice.

I got to thinking, are my new found pregnant posts boring?

Am I boring?

More pop culture posts?


Well one of my favorites shows Sunny in Philadelphia returns in September.

You should watch it if you don't mind R rated rude people who are mean to everyone including themselves. 

It's a good show.

Also, I've been to jail.


Saturday, August 20, 2011


I started working at 17. At a Dee's Dancewear in Phoenix.

I have been working ever since.

I love to work.

So when we found out we we having sweet girl baby, It was a no brainer for me...I would keep working.

Granted I was going to work from home and I was going to do both like a champ.

Deep down.....I knew it was not right.

This nagging feeling has followed me for 6 months.

Thursday I broke. I went into my boss and said...

"I am not coming back after baby"

The minute I said it I started to cry. I knew it was the right thing....but I want to to work.

And so.....starting November 18th I will be a stay at home mom.

And to be honest...I am a little sad.

And a little more budgeted.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Things I can count on

Sun coming up in the morning
I will always love delicious Diet Coke
My husband will always love me
My Family will always love me
My Bestie will always be there
I will always be loud


When there are cops in our neighborhood I can text Magali at 12:30 in the AM and we will figure out what's going on.

It will go something like this....

"Magali you call the cops on your neighbors?"
"No why? I have been in my basement watching Intervention for the past two hours"
"Fool they have been pounding on your neighbors door for like fifteen minutes"

This went on for an hour and I will have you know by the time I was done giving the move by move report of what the cops were doing she had figured out what was going on. 

So no worries neighbors, if the cops show up at your door we will have our blinds open watching it all go down until 1:30 in the AM.

Magali and I.....we got it covered

Also 311 is a terrible band.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Know It All

I actually call it knows everything about everything.

It makes my BLOOD BOIL.

When I ask a someone a question and KIA answers.

Or when I am having a conversation and KIA interjects his knowledge.

KIA know everything about music, movies, work, food, love, fashion, so on and so on.

And now I have it DAILY in STEREO.

Not to mention both are also PWTTF

People Who Think Their Funny

So you can expect to see my daily out loud conversation drop as I happily hand over ANY convo to KIA.

All my communication can happen via IM

Instant Message

Tuesday, August 16, 2011


Is why the rest of the world makes fun of America.

But it is a great test to see what individuals...in the theater where you saw the preview...laugh at this crap. So you can punch them in the face on the way out of the theater for being the demographic that allows movies like this to be made.

Bravo Adam Sandler, Bravo.


Monday, August 15, 2011

Are you KIDDING ME???

Am I really watching this?

The answer is yes.

I am not a Bachelor/Bachelorette viewer.

I do not know who any of these people are.

But I have some friends who said I needed to watch.

So I did.


I mean I watch EVERY Real Housewife and this show has them BEAT in the trash.

There were some pretty sweet lines like:

"I have gained 30 pounds of sheer muscle"
"She is not my type she is a little thick"
"I am literally in the best shape of my life"

But the one mystery that alludes me is this.


She is the ugliest girl I have ever seen. AND she has a lazy eye. AND she won the heart of a Bachelor.

How HOW HOW HOW did that happen? Someone tell me.

So I guess I will keep watching to see if this question can be answered.

seriously....why? was there an ugly girl bachelor? 


Friday, August 12, 2011

Baby Bedding

Well we found a crib, bookshelf, and dresser.

We know the paint.

We bought the prints.

And today Miss showed me the way to these.....

And now we have bedding.

These sweet sheets and blankets come from Auggie.

Are they not TO DIE FOR.


Thursday, August 11, 2011

My Summer Song

So to......

The Boy who let his testimony waiver over a girl and always overlooked me
The Boy who beat me and broke me
The Boy who told me I was too fat and that he needed a hot piece of ass
The Boy who used me and strung me along all the while telling me I needed to lose weight

I found one a million times better than any of you hoped to be.

It sucks to be you right now.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

My Little Miss

Got married on August 5th.

She was a BEAUTIFUL bride and the man she married is great.

This little one has a special place in my heart and I cried that whole day.

Her wedding was beautiful.

She had her beautiful sisters beside her and I am grateful that I am part of that.

Congrats my little miss....may you be eternally happy.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Calling all Mothers

It is the time that I now think about baby.

So I need to know....

What do I absolutely need???

What bottles should I get???

What paci's???


I promise I will return the favor and tell you what lipstick you should buy or what cardigan to wear.

Or what music to listen to.......

So PLEASE comment. I know there are a TON of mom's who read....including sisters...


Tuesday, August 2, 2011


I don't know if it is sweet baby craving or just the 5 year old in me but lately.....


Seriously...they are delicious. Like I have passed up Diet Cokes for them.

I mean like I could drink a friggin 12 pack no joke.

Ed even asked me if he could buy it in the bottles and I was like...hell no...mama wants her the pouch.

Go right now and buy one. You will realize the goodness.

You're welcome.

Baby Shower

So tonight while in AZ Catherine allowed me to steal her thunder.

Mama Lori and sisters threw me a shower.

It was so fun to see everyone and visit.

My mom surprised me and came down........

I got to visit with friends from my younger years who I still love and cherish dearly. I am so glad I got to spend time with them.....

My sweet sisters who have adopted me as their own.....

 I got to see all my Aunts and cousins.....

I opened fab gifts...this picture does not do this blanket justice....it was amazing.....

And all thanks to Mama Lori and the girls.

And Ed who knocked me up.

AND I am happy to say...very little pink.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Story Time

This is 8:30 at night

Freshly bathed kids gather around Grammie in the kitchen with cups of ice cream

Grammie asks sweet girl to pick out a book

They read....

Little Tiger's Big Surprise.

Little Tiger was very happy being an only tiger, so when mommy tiger said "there's going to be a new baby, you'll have a little brother or a little sister," little tiger answered.....

sweet boy one - I want to see
Grammie - ok well then move over here
sweet boy one moves
Grammie - no no not in front of the sweet boy two because then he won't be able to see...
sweet boy one moves again
the story continues

"but I don't want a new baby, I like things the way they are." Little tiger went to call on Little Elephant but to his dismay, Little Elephant didn't want to play. "I'm teaching my baby brother how to squirt water," he trumpeted

sweet boy one - that is an elephant
Grammie - yes an elephant and his mommy
sweet girl one - no that is his brother
Grammie - Oh yeah her brother
the story continues

The baby elephant wasn't very good at.......

sweet boy one - elephant!!!
Grammie - shhh sweet boy one
the story continues

Little Tiger hurried on and soon he came across Little Bear....

Grammie - *giggling* oh sweet baby girl
freshly bathed baby girl has her entire hand in ice cream she licks her hand and then she wipes her leg. dad comes over to clean her up
the story continues

She was holding...

Grammie - oh wait where am I...oh yes
story continues

something over her shoulder. "I'm burping our new baby," she told him.

sweet boy one and two have started playing off the blanket
baby girl has decided to stick her hand in ice cream again
Grammie - The End

Such patience...I cannot wait for my sweet baby girl to have such a great Grammie.

Hurray for Grammies


So I mean I am sure you know that I am a pretty big deal. 

So big in fact that Ed and I rode in the 24th of July parade in Lyman, WY

I mean I don't mean to brag but we have a family float. 

Platts Family Float

My grandpa had 17 brothers and sisters so there is like 600 of us.....no joke.

Ed loved waving. I mean if my sweet little Elektra (that is the name we are thinking of) is a pageant queen it will be thanks to Ed and his fabulous wave.