Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Beauty is expensive.

And this little gem is proof.

I die for it. I got it in a sample and just like crack it got me hooked. 

Seriously I have NEVER had a product that made my face feel as divine as this did.


Especially with the pregnancy...my face has been a WRECK. I felt like a new woman after this.

So thank you Kate Sommerville for your magical expensive habit forming treatment.

Damn you Sephora and your free samples. 


Cydney M said...

So I love to read your blog - even though I don't know who half the people are and sometimes it makes me feel old and out of touch. We had a rotten morning today. So....I think I will go buy this great face stuff, not caring how much it costs.

prcessmag said...

So I've been looking for a miracle for my face, I have been breaking out like a 16 year old lately! Seriously, I'm breaking out more than my teenager WTF!! So I clicked on the link and saw $19 dollars, that is a good price...then I look to the side yeah 19 dollars for a .5 oz!! LOL I may just have to break the bank for this, I mean, if Jen says it's good, it has to be good, I trust you with anything that has to do with music, fashion, and beauty, like with my LIFE! haha

aubry. said...

i just pulled up teri's amazon wish list - posted just in time for her birthday - and this is on the list.

if it's jen approved and seconded by teri, it's gotta be f'real.