Monday, August 29, 2011

2011 VMA

Where WHERE do I even begin.....

Lady Gaga....f'real? Miss (who has yet to watch) asked if she was dressed as Ralph Macchio. Yeah pretty much. She was a MESS and coked out of her mind (trust me). Now I am a Gaga fan...I mean the girl can sing....but she is c-razy. Like not just doing it for the shock value....she is straight up CRAZY. I had to fast forward through her half the time because it was NUTS. I was WISHING for the meat dress. Plus PLUS she RUINED my Brit Brit tribute. 

Fierce Hot Mess

Great Grandma Bieber was there with his snake. Seriously, this kid looked RIDICULOUS. My Grandma has this outfit. Like in her closet right now, 

Jay-Z and Kanye performed. It was off the chain yo. But the best Jay Z moment came when he refused to even acknowledge that Chris Brown was performing. AND HE WAS FLYING. I mean Jay Z just sat there cooling sipping his drink while Chris Brown FLEW over the audience. I mean sorry Chris some people don't forget you beat Rihanna...but that performance was dynamite...but you beat a woman.

Mumford and Sons is not and I repeat NOT Rock. They are folksy wussy music. The only rock band in the rock category were The Foo Fighters. I loved Dave Grohl's acceptance speech "Don't lose faith in real 
rock 'n' roll music" I won't Dave...I promise.

Oh you. You have my heart. I cried when you won. You are back on top. I love you.
Also Ed did not mean it when he called you a trashy ho. And let me assure you he slept on the couch. 

This THIS performance. FLAWLESS. Ed says "I don't get her or her appeal" I said "are you deaf ?"
Seriously I held my breath through that song. It was amazing. She is amazing. 

I mean....ok first off..."Love on Top" is my favorite track off her new album. That girl can SING. Second. When she opened her jacket and rubbed her little belly I lost it. Like CRIED. I cried because she was pregnant and I cried at the fact that THAT fetus has more money than I will see in a lifetime. Oh Beyonce...I love you...not like Brit...but I adore you.

What's on your head? I love you Katy Perry and you and your husband are sweet. Speaking of, I love what Russell Brand said about Amy Winehouse. Addiction is a bitch. Trust me. But I will say this. Bruno Mars did a great job on Valerie. well done sir...well done.

Uhhh remember this post? Yeah I love this girl. And she rocked it broken foot and all.

Just stop. STOP right now. 

You too.

So all in all good year. I mean you know for a channel that no longer plays videos.


Kim Millard said...

You pretty much got it all right!

Lady Gaga - CRAZY! INSANE! She was still in her character throughout the entire show. WEIRD!

Adele - Unbelievable, gave me chills, I love her!

Beyonce - When I saw she was pregnant I thought of you. How fitting the two of you are prego together. I love it!

Catherine Lacy said...

I wanted to punch Lady Gaga in the face. for real. She did ruin britneys award which was awesome. And ED I hate him for saying that about adele. I was talking to Jake and I told him if we are the couple that has that one celebrity exception that my one person is adele and she would serenade me the whole time. I love her voice.

Cami said...

Who needs to watch entertainment when you've got a friend like Jen to keep you posted on it all?

robin said...

lil wayne scares me. like, how would you like to come across him in a dark alley?