Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Gunpowder and Lead

I am a Democrat

But this girl makes me want a gun

As most know I was in a pretty abusive relationship......yeah....pretty abusive

Miranda Lambert has a song called Gunpowder and Lead

I damn near felt Republican as this little girl sang about blowing away her abusive husband/boyfriend



It was Auby's birthday last week.

I am the worst friend ever because her birthday list is a week late.

But here it is none the less

28 Great Things About Auby

  1. She is the funniest person, she makes me laugh on a daily basis. And I mean out loud laugh
  2. She has a devil may care attitude. She is who she is so suck it girls who have no idea who she is and were on a swim team
  3. She has fantastic style
  4. She is a glorious cook (she made me like mac and cheese)
  5. She is up for anything
  6. She held my hand during Paranormal Activity
  7. She loves TV. I mean if you are my friend you gotta love TV
  8. She is like Oprah
  9. She has an unshakeable testimony
  10. She is 100% loyal
  11. She will visit you if you go to jail (she has promised me that)
  12. She is up on her pop culture
  13. She went to theatre camp
  14. She is willing to offer an honest opinion
  15. She loves kids (real kids)
  16. She is open minded politically
  17. She knows me and what to say to make me feel better in any sitch
  18. She hates the word bestie
  19. She is good at her job
  20. She is great under pressure
  21. She is a great teacher
  22. If you are crying in sacrament she will go get you Kleenex
  23. Best Maid of Honor EVER
  24. Lets you borrow her belts
  25. She has great hair
  26. She loves the Chargers
  27. She is a brave little toaster
  28. She makes the best french toast ( your reading this can you make some)
Happy Birthday Miss!!!!!!

Sorry The Box was lame (giggle)



Ok I have a confession to make. I am pretty soft hearted. I mean I get my feelings hurt, I cry at movies, I cry at commercials, and I cry when Ed does not turn around and go back to look for the stray dog who might get hit if we don't save it.

Because of this I am a democrat. Oh and I attach to people. See I like belonging to things, I like having a core group of friends that I know I can count on, I like families.

I always worried that I would not be real accepted by a family. I had a bad experience. And I am loud and opiniated and I dress in really bright colors. Not to mention the fact that I have serious baggage. I had just kind of given up on the fact that I would find a good family that would like me.

Well I am still loud and I think a bit too much too take sometimes. Especially when I am in my element. But, I think I am liked. I think that they are OK with me marrying Ed. They are great people.

I need to quit typing because I am crying


Two weeks ago, I had all my bridesmaids together

I took this picture. As I looked at it today I honestly got a bit choked up (but Aubs can attest to the fact that the tears are nothing new). These are girls that will be part of my life forever. I remembered how I lost touch with my bridesmaids last time because of choices I made.

That will not happen again

I mean all of them....are part of my life forever

Catherine (Little Miss)
Is my little sister who is not blood related. I have the greatest time with her. We are more than a decade apart in age, but come on, raise your hand if you think I act 32. If you raised your hand you do not know me or you are Jared and you are surprised I am not 38. This girl remembers me in all family things, leads me by her great example and is the funniest 19 year old I have ever known. She is down to earth and I am so excited to have her in my family forever. And is she not the prettiest thing you have ever seen?

Auby (Miss)
My well deserved Maid of Honor. She has truly been the best friend I have ever had. She has been completely selfless when it comes to me. I am amazed at the things she does for me. She knows me better than about anyone knows me. We like the same things, we laugh at the same things, we don’t really have the same taste in music but we make it work. She is single handedly planning my wedding. I mean she lets me think I made the decision but if it is a bad one she gently leads me on another path. I am grateful everyday for her. She was just as proud as my mom was when I went to the temple. She is the friend every girl wishes she had and when you have her...she never leaves. She has never ending loyalty. And she is pretty.

 My aunt. The closest thing I had to a sister growing up. We are not far apart in age and she was my hero growing up. I wanted to dress like Julie, listen to the music Julie listened to, do my hair like Julie, and hang out with Julie and all her cool friends. She has been a great example of strength and courage and has raised the two best boys ever. I could not imagine having a wedding and not including her. She is my surrogate big sister. The one who was never afraid to tell me I was going down the wrong path. The one who stood beside me through thick and thin. I love her. And yep...she is pretty too.

Ed's older sister...that I am older than....that made me sad. I have been amazed since I met her how together Shauna is. She is primary president, a mom to two great kids, is a Realtor, and finds the time to help with anything. And she does it all with a calm demeanor that makes me seem like a hurricane. I am an only child and so loyalty to siblings is new to me. Shauna is loyal to her family. And it is humbling to watch. And oh my gosh...she is pretty too!!!!

Anita (for some reason I have always called her Nita...probably because her name was too long for me to say or I am lazy) 
Ed's younger sister that is more responsible than me....buh....I am under qualified for this family. Nita is one of the most service oriented people I have ever met. She is always asking if she can do anything for anyone. I am amazed by that. She is also the only girl I have ever me that has been to Lowes more than 3 times a year. I am pretty sure she could build me a house if I asked her to. Nita is loyal to her family too. Something I find comforting. And...You guessed it...she is pretty.

Moral of the story

You have to be pretty to be my bridesmaid


I love headbands.

I love bright feather headbands.

I love headbands that do not hurt my head.

About 3 months ago (or more) Auby and I went to Craft Lake City. A craft fair here in Salt Lake. On this blessed day I discovered the headbands of my dreams.

I walked up to the table in awe. Everything I have ever wanted in a headband was there. I almost started crying. I bought two.

I then got engaged. I emailed Anne Michelle and asked if she could make my bridal party headbands. And she did. And they are amazing.

So....if you love headbands, do yourself a favor and check this girl out.

And if you want to buy me one for telling you about can

Friday, November 6, 2009

Favorite Friday - Kitty Pappas

This is a Bountiful landmark.

I mean the sign itself is CLASSIC!

The ambiance is to DIE for.

The food...well not that great...but good

The cake...delicious

George the waiter...words can not describe
(everytime he brings us a drink he throws a straw at us and says "here suck on these ladies")

The Jukebox....filled with songs about pot and The Grateful Dead

In short. It is awesome.

Thank you Brooke for introducing me.

And so Kitty's this Friday is dedicated to you

and your lemons that smell of vodka

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Where Actors Go To Die

Today I went to the movies.

I saw this movie poster.

I laughed out loud.

The cast list on this

Chris Brown - Known best for beating Rhianna

Paul Walker - Known for caving and doing another "Fast and the Furious" because times are tough

Hayden Christensen - Known for ruining "Star Wars"

Matt Dillon - Known for kind of making a comeback then doing "You, Me and Dupree". Oh and he was in "Wild Things" (don't lie I know you have seen it)

Johnathon Schaech - Known for "That Thing You Do" and then somehow landing Christina Applegate...only to lose her

TI - I mean do I even need to say anything

Michael Ealy - Of "Barbershop" and "Barbershop 2"

Everyone of these fine thespians got a call from their agent that went a bit like this

"uh hey there guy. look there is this movie and you would be perfect for the part. i mean it is really your last shot. if this fails...well...we are going to have to settle for that pilot on the wb

I mean this movie will be a disaster.

All it is missing is Andy Dick.

Thankful Thursday

Thank you for always commenting
even if they are snotty and sarcastic

Thank you for giving up half your Saturday
i would be lost.....

Thank you for my new toy
hee hee I love you

Thank you for always making a delicious Sunday dinner
and for always letting me come

Thank you for taking me to get my passport
see how much fun it is when you read my blog

Thank you for the party
it was super fun even if i was sick

Thank you for the delicious Mac and Cheese
is there anything you can't do?

Thank you for being patient with me even when I get cranky
you are the bast male on the planet

Thank you for calling me during testimony meeting
the san diego super chargers song never sounded so good

Thank you for coming over on Sunday
i missed you guys

Thank you for standing up for me to girls who don't even know me
oh and for kittys

Thank you for emailing me
i really do want to get together when we come to az

Thank you World Series
for being over...oh tv how i have missed you

Thank you Sweet D
for providing me with laughs every thursday

Thank you for beating Oakland
keep it up

Thank you for losing to Baltimore
keep it up

Thank you for seeing that it was not all my fault
not even a little

Thank you for the facebook email
it made my day

Wednesday, November 4, 2009


A day of......

Early morning hair
4 Diet Cokes before noon
Walking into Nordstrom with no makeup
Having my nails done...ruining them...having them done again
Splitting my pants

All for......

The most wonderful photographer EVER

They are almost ready

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Dreams of a Child

"When I grow up I am going to have enough money to fill an entire trunk with candy"


Dreams of an Adult

"When I get married I am wearing 5 inch designer heels no matter the cost"


Aren't you all dying to see them?
I can tell you this...they are not white.

Magic Powers

You all have seen her on my blog.

But I have news about Miss.

She has a super secret power that has actually been fortold.

Miss...can guess the songs that come on the crappy easy listening stations before they even play.

I am not kidding. I have seen it happen like 54 times. It is creepy.

I mean for real.....

"Hey Jen, I bet they play This Kiss next"

This Kiss...plays next

"Hey Jen, I bet they play that crappy Sixpence None The Richer song everyone loved like 10 years ago"

Kiss me...plays next

"Hey Jen, I bet they play a song that sounds exactly like all the rest of the songs this artist sings because that is all she knows how to write"

Taylor Swift...plays next

Use your powers for good Miss and next time request some Phil Collins