Thursday, November 5, 2009

Thankful Thursday

Thank you for always commenting
even if they are snotty and sarcastic

Thank you for giving up half your Saturday
i would be lost.....

Thank you for my new toy
hee hee I love you

Thank you for always making a delicious Sunday dinner
and for always letting me come

Thank you for taking me to get my passport
see how much fun it is when you read my blog

Thank you for the party
it was super fun even if i was sick

Thank you for the delicious Mac and Cheese
is there anything you can't do?

Thank you for being patient with me even when I get cranky
you are the bast male on the planet

Thank you for calling me during testimony meeting
the san diego super chargers song never sounded so good

Thank you for coming over on Sunday
i missed you guys

Thank you for standing up for me to girls who don't even know me
oh and for kittys

Thank you for emailing me
i really do want to get together when we come to az

Thank you World Series
for being over...oh tv how i have missed you

Thank you Sweet D
for providing me with laughs every thursday

Thank you for beating Oakland
keep it up

Thank you for losing to Baltimore
keep it up

Thank you for seeing that it was not all my fault
not even a little

Thank you for the facebook email
it made my day


mattie said...

thank YOU for adding me to your blog list. i feel very special!

aubry. said...

thank you for being a self loving elitest.

(with power in numbers, it really doesn't make me look that bad myself.)

David said...

I don't know if an 8 point win over the Raiders is thankful thursday worthy JD. You just take the bump in the W column and act like it never happened

Brooke said...

Thank you for being one kick ass friend all the time.