Wednesday, November 25, 2009


It was Auby's birthday last week.

I am the worst friend ever because her birthday list is a week late.

But here it is none the less

28 Great Things About Auby

  1. She is the funniest person, she makes me laugh on a daily basis. And I mean out loud laugh
  2. She has a devil may care attitude. She is who she is so suck it girls who have no idea who she is and were on a swim team
  3. She has fantastic style
  4. She is a glorious cook (she made me like mac and cheese)
  5. She is up for anything
  6. She held my hand during Paranormal Activity
  7. She loves TV. I mean if you are my friend you gotta love TV
  8. She is like Oprah
  9. She has an unshakeable testimony
  10. She is 100% loyal
  11. She will visit you if you go to jail (she has promised me that)
  12. She is up on her pop culture
  13. She went to theatre camp
  14. She is willing to offer an honest opinion
  15. She loves kids (real kids)
  16. She is open minded politically
  17. She knows me and what to say to make me feel better in any sitch
  18. She hates the word bestie
  19. She is good at her job
  20. She is great under pressure
  21. She is a great teacher
  22. If you are crying in sacrament she will go get you Kleenex
  23. Best Maid of Honor EVER
  24. Lets you borrow her belts
  25. She has great hair
  26. She loves the Chargers
  27. She is a brave little toaster
  28. She makes the best french toast ( your reading this can you make some)
Happy Birthday Miss!!!!!!

Sorry The Box was lame (giggle)

1 comment:

robin said...

ah yes, all true, all true.

isn't aubry the raddest? i mean, really. she's absolutely the best friend anyone could ask for. ever. she's so loyal, generous, and unselfish.

i'm glad you have her as a friend... i'll share her, i guess.