Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Two weeks ago, I had all my bridesmaids together

I took this picture. As I looked at it today I honestly got a bit choked up (but Aubs can attest to the fact that the tears are nothing new). These are girls that will be part of my life forever. I remembered how I lost touch with my bridesmaids last time because of choices I made.

That will not happen again

I mean all of them....are part of my life forever

Catherine (Little Miss)
Is my little sister who is not blood related. I have the greatest time with her. We are more than a decade apart in age, but come on, raise your hand if you think I act 32. If you raised your hand you do not know me or you are Jared and you are surprised I am not 38. This girl remembers me in all family things, leads me by her great example and is the funniest 19 year old I have ever known. She is down to earth and I am so excited to have her in my family forever. And is she not the prettiest thing you have ever seen?

Auby (Miss)
My well deserved Maid of Honor. She has truly been the best friend I have ever had. She has been completely selfless when it comes to me. I am amazed at the things she does for me. She knows me better than about anyone knows me. We like the same things, we laugh at the same things, we don’t really have the same taste in music but we make it work. She is single handedly planning my wedding. I mean she lets me think I made the decision but if it is a bad one she gently leads me on another path. I am grateful everyday for her. She was just as proud as my mom was when I went to the temple. She is the friend every girl wishes she had and when you have her...she never leaves. She has never ending loyalty. And she is pretty.

 My aunt. The closest thing I had to a sister growing up. We are not far apart in age and she was my hero growing up. I wanted to dress like Julie, listen to the music Julie listened to, do my hair like Julie, and hang out with Julie and all her cool friends. She has been a great example of strength and courage and has raised the two best boys ever. I could not imagine having a wedding and not including her. She is my surrogate big sister. The one who was never afraid to tell me I was going down the wrong path. The one who stood beside me through thick and thin. I love her. And yep...she is pretty too.

Ed's older sister...that I am older than....that made me sad. I have been amazed since I met her how together Shauna is. She is primary president, a mom to two great kids, is a Realtor, and finds the time to help with anything. And she does it all with a calm demeanor that makes me seem like a hurricane. I am an only child and so loyalty to siblings is new to me. Shauna is loyal to her family. And it is humbling to watch. And oh my gosh...she is pretty too!!!!

Anita (for some reason I have always called her Nita...probably because her name was too long for me to say or I am lazy) 
Ed's younger sister that is more responsible than me....buh....I am under qualified for this family. Nita is one of the most service oriented people I have ever met. She is always asking if she can do anything for anyone. I am amazed by that. She is also the only girl I have ever me that has been to Lowes more than 3 times a year. I am pretty sure she could build me a house if I asked her to. Nita is loyal to her family too. Something I find comforting. And...You guessed it...she is pretty.

Moral of the story

You have to be pretty to be my bridesmaid

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aubry. said...

i only do nice things for you because you're pretty and kind of popular. i thought it'd help me increase my popularity rating to hang out with you... but really, it only made people {girls} hate me more.