Friday, July 23, 2010


I have learned recently by reading blogs like this and this that my readers may not be able to comprehend the deep lingo that is spewed on this blog.

So I have listed my most common lingo with their definitions to make things easier on my readers...all nine of you.

Cool - When something is good or neat.
Music - Melodic sounds constructed to become a song
Jail - Somewhere you go when you break the law
Church - Somewhere you go to be a better person
Disney - A large company that runs the funnest place on earth
Colbert - As in Stephen, hard hitting news reporter
"This is SOOOO Jonas Brothers" - See cool
Miss Spears - As in Britney
Miss - Aubs
Fool - Crazy person
Douche Bag - a fictitious product. Also an idiot

I hope this helped.

I know that the english language is hard....

47 times

So this is Miss. You all know her

We have this running "joke".

Everytime we say goodbye we say...."K 47 times"

This means that within the next 24 hours we will talk 47 times.

It's funny

And true.

We have various ways we talk....

Google Talk
2 MSN Messenger Accounts
Skype (soon)
Plain ole' phone

She is always up on every computer I use for emergencies on how I should paint my toes or what she thinks of Jake and Vienna.


47 times

Monday, July 19, 2010

Trashy Pop Music

I have a place in my heart for trashy pop music.


Most who know me KNOW that I tend to be a music snob.

But when it comes to pop music.....


My playlist today?

California Gurls - Katy Perry
Your Love is My Drug - Kesha
Run This Town Tonight - Rhianna, Jay-Z, Kanye
Jesus Walks - Kanye
Stronger - Kanye
Golddigger - Kanye
OMG - Ursher
Party in the USA - Miley Cyrus
Can't Be Tamed - Miley Cyrus
Alejandro - Lady Gaga
Not Myself Tonight - Xtina

This list ran like 60 times in a row....

So say what you would like.

I love Trashy Pop Music

When did this happen?

Since when has Leonardo DiCaprio been a good actor?

I am sure many will argue with me that he has ALWAYS been a good actor. But whoever says that did not see The Beach or Titanic.

I mean was it when he became the Scorsese darling? Was it when he decided he should just stick to angsty? I cannot figure it out.

I will admit in his early career he had a couple good parts, like in "What's Eating Gilbert Grape?" and "Basketball Diaries" but other than that....blah.

But NOW. You look at like his newer flicks and damn the boy cannot lose.

Gangs of New York
The Aviator
The Departed
Revolutionary Road
Blood Diamond

I am impressed and I am now a fan.

Good job Leo...way to not have an eating disorder or resort to cable ministry.

Thursday, July 15, 2010


Today - I woke up at nine and ate fresh fruit for breakfast
3 years ago - I came to for count at 6:00 and then watched as girls around me ate powdered egg sandwiches

Today - I took a shower with delicious shampoo and a cute shower curtain
3 years ago - I took a shower in a pod with 34 girls in water that eventually turned my hair green

Today - I went to work
3 years ago - I was in withdrawl on a hard bunk

Today - I had a delicious lunch of fresh vegi's
3 years ago - Yeah I had what we called meow mix, bolgna put into a blender with ketchup...f'real

Today - I got sweet emails from my family
3 years ago - I visited with my mom through a monitor

Today - I know who I am
3 years ago - I was lost

Today - I have a sweet, loving, kind husband who loves me
3 years ago - I was sure no one could love me (except the lesbian who hit on me and gave me protection)

Today - I have a great bestie
3 years ago - Uh see the lesbian comment above

 Today- I see artsy films with 2 guy friends (who are like brothers) who hate them and make fun of me.
3 years ago - I watched Spiderman 3 and had a good behavior Scooby Snack

Today - I have a great life, a great family, a great husband, great friends, a great job, a great calling, a great life. 
3 years ago - I was broken and addicted and hurt

Thank you to all those who have made me who I am today

3 years


Wednesday, July 14, 2010

My Beef With Disney

I would like to start by saying that ANYONE who knows me or knows of me knows I love Disney and Disneyland, so know this comes from a place of love.

Dear Disney,

I wanted to draft this letter to let you know that I am hurt and disappointed by the lack of strong female characters represented in your merchandise. I will have you know that not every girl wants to be a princess and SOME of us have been told we are not tall enough to be a princess. Some of us girls like old school (or retro) Alice and some of us like Jessie from Toy Story and some of us like both.

I think it is a shame that we are brainwashed into thinking that we have to love Ariel (barf) or Tinkerbell. I mean I searched all over your damned park for a Jessie pin and could not find a one...and I have owned all the Alice pins you have for FIVE years...time to make some new ones.

I mean we girls don't always need a prince, don't always have to sing, can have a strong opinion and CAN take care of ourselves. I would have spent HUNDREDS of dollars on Jessie or Alice merchandise. I mean I do applaud the new princess Tiana, now there is a strong woman....and I appreciate her strong merchandising but STILL, SHE IS A PRINCESS.

Please Disney, give girls the chance to buy strong female characters. And please make a Jessie hat for adults.

With Love,