Friday, July 23, 2010


I have learned recently by reading blogs like this and this that my readers may not be able to comprehend the deep lingo that is spewed on this blog.

So I have listed my most common lingo with their definitions to make things easier on my readers...all nine of you.

Cool - When something is good or neat.
Music - Melodic sounds constructed to become a song
Jail - Somewhere you go when you break the law
Church - Somewhere you go to be a better person
Disney - A large company that runs the funnest place on earth
Colbert - As in Stephen, hard hitting news reporter
"This is SOOOO Jonas Brothers" - See cool
Miss Spears - As in Britney
Miss - Aubs
Fool - Crazy person
Douche Bag - a fictitious product. Also an idiot

I hope this helped.

I know that the english language is hard....


mattie said...

this is great because i was just thinking that i'm always confused when i read your blog. i appreciate the clarification.

aubry. said...

you forgot haha - a commonly used term for people who can't think of anything more clever.

kelzone said...

thank you for making me laugh out loud today.

was that clever enough?

Anonymous said...

What about "Little Miss" and "Hubband"

robin said...

Oh jen.. Lol!