Saturday, November 20, 2010


Miss turned 29 on Tuesday.

She is great.

I heart her.

Today I tried out for my first musical.

Bestie awoke early and met me there........

so she could sit and do nothing while I auditioned.......

just to be there.

No one has a better best friend.

No one.

So thank you Rebecca Bennion for birthing my Miss.

She is extraordinary.

And she is pretty.


I love this band.

Roger Clyne and The Peacemakers.

I have followed them for years.

Like when they were called the Refreshments.

They are GREAT in concert.

This time I won tickets on Facebook.

I would have gone anyway.


They played TONS of greats but three that took my breath away:

Dolly (he played this for me...I know he did)
Sleep Like a Baby

Thank you Roger for a great night.

Husband, Bestie and I will be there when you come again.