Wednesday, July 27, 2011

I will now eat my words

Under the suggestion of Bestie Aubs....who has all the great hook ups.....

I bought these today in 11x14 for the nursery

That is right I bought princess prints for my girl baby's room.

They are my inspiration pieces. 

But I stick by NO PINK

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

I broke down.....

and read the Hunger Games.

My young women would be so proud.

I read all three books in three days while on vacation. 

I really liked them.

I mean, they were no Harry Potter.

But there were no glittering vampires so......

I am excited to see how the movie is.

And baby girl will be taught how to use a bow an arrow and start a fire at a young age. These are skills that can be used either for her time in the Hunger Games or when she starts her reality TV career on Survivor.

Oh and Katniss has been added to the baby name list.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Aha! Moment

So today I went to dinner with wonderful women.

Women who have kids and are great moms and are fun and fab.

I expressed the fact that I want my pre-pregnancy body back ASAP.

They all laughed.

I expressed that I will have it back in a month and a half.

They all laughed.

 I know I have been focusing on weight and other things to keep my mind of the fact that there is a baby inside me that will depend on me and I will have to raise and that I will probably screw up. 

So I left that group of wise women and went to a family party. 

I was with more great women, who were excited about girl baby...and I still was just...I don't know....indifferent.


The drive home. 

When it hit me...and hard.

Girl baby in my body....and I love her. And I want her to come. And I want to love and teach and cuddle her. I got so excited that she would be here at Christmas and that she would go to the beach and that she would have so many cousins and great examples of woman around her. 

And so I guess that is how it happens. I broke. The wall broke.

I am having a baby girl. I love that. I love her. 

And the worries about pre-pregnancy body are fading.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011


That's right. Girl baby.

I mean I cannot say I am not thrilled. I was certain I was carrying a boy...but no...girl!

I was going to post my ultrasound pic but then I remembered my blog was not private and someone might come steal her in the night. I mean a girl needs to be safe.

We are now busy choosing the right stroller, car seat, and flipper for her first pageant.

We have, of course, thought or names. We love...

Isabella (but we will of course call her Bella)
Ann (but we will spell it Ahnneax7*'s a name and a password all in one)

Thoughts? I am sure we will be able to narrow it down. 

So yes we are thrilled to be welcoming a very well dressed daughter but one thing....

I am NOT excited for pink. The color makes me...well....vomit.

In this day and age there are other colors other than pink. I pray those at my shower know this. 

Monday, July 18, 2011


For the past week I have.....

Sat on the beach for almost seven days straight
Ate fab food
Loved on sweet kids
Had great convos with great people
Felt the love of family
Read and read and read
Slept in 
Taken naps
Seen Harry Potter

Today I......

Got up early
Went to work
Got bombarded
Told I could not leave again
Had clients angry with me

I want to go back

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

How I Spent my Fourth of July

Before I start this post let me tell you I am NOT crafty. I know how to purchase and package, not create. So when I was asked to make the camp journal for girls camp I of course thought of the hardest thing I could ever do and then tried to put it into action. Bestie tried to tell me it would be a lot of work. I did not listen. Knowing this...let me tell you the journal tail.

I decided on  journal Bestie had shown me last year. A handmade journal with all different types of paper and envelopes and such. Cute right??? Until you are SLAPPED in the face with the realization that there are 40+ pages in this journal plus cover pages. For 15 girls. That is 1000+ pieces of I cut....and cut....and cut

I then made the cover pages. 8 in each journal 15 wait wait 16 journals. It was at this time last night I remembered there were 16 not 15 girls and that now my math was all off. And while my neighbors enjoyed 4th of July festivities I was creating cover pages. 

These were the supplies I bought...because I am not crafty...and owned none of them. Not even a glue stick. 

Now these next two were taken 6 hours in. My table is a mess. Glasses are off. My head on the table. Asking "why did I not just get a Spider Man notebook and write journal on the outside". By this time I had listened to the new Beyonce album 3984579375394857 times. I was delirious. And I still had to make the covers, bind, and hand write on every page. Shoot me.

Midnight. Tired. Baby is mad at me. I start the covers and leave them on floor. Hopefully my hell dog does not pee on them. 

And then success. 5 more hours on Tuesday binding, writing and finishing covers. They are dropped off. There is a page in those journals that says "your favorite thing about camp". Someone best write "this sweet ass camp journal yo" or I will lose it.

Happy Birthday America

ps....i did it all for the girls. i love them and they deserve the best. but someone better say the camp journal is their favorite thing about camp. no i am just kidding. no i am not