Tuesday, July 5, 2011

How I Spent my Fourth of July

Before I start this post let me tell you I am NOT crafty. I know how to purchase and package, not create. So when I was asked to make the camp journal for girls camp I of course thought of the hardest thing I could ever do and then tried to put it into action. Bestie tried to tell me it would be a lot of work. I did not listen. Knowing this...let me tell you the journal tail.

I decided on  journal Bestie had shown me last year. A handmade journal with all different types of paper and envelopes and such. Cute right??? Until you are SLAPPED in the face with the realization that there are 40+ pages in this journal plus cover pages. For 15 girls. That is 1000+ pieces of paper...so I cut....and cut....and cut

I then made the cover pages. 8 in each journal 15 wait wait 16 journals. It was at this time last night I remembered there were 16 not 15 girls and that now my math was all off. And while my neighbors enjoyed 4th of July festivities I was creating cover pages. 

These were the supplies I bought...because I am not crafty...and owned none of them. Not even a glue stick. 

Now these next two were taken 6 hours in. My table is a mess. Glasses are off. My head on the table. Asking "why did I not just get a Spider Man notebook and write journal on the outside". By this time I had listened to the new Beyonce album 3984579375394857 times. I was delirious. And I still had to make the covers, bind, and hand write on every page. Shoot me.

Midnight. Tired. Baby is mad at me. I start the covers and leave them on floor. Hopefully my hell dog does not pee on them. 

And then success. 5 more hours on Tuesday binding, writing and finishing covers. They are dropped off. There is a page in those journals that says "your favorite thing about camp". Someone best write "this sweet ass camp journal yo" or I will lose it.

Happy Birthday America

ps....i did it all for the girls. i love them and they deserve the best. but someone better say the camp journal is their favorite thing about camp. no i am just kidding. no i am not


robin said...

ugh. just reading this made me tired. i hate repetitive craftiness.

but they look great! and they are definitely MY favorite thing about camp.

Happy Housewife said...

They are the best camp journals EVER. You are crazy, but wonderful, for doing that. Thank you!

Shooting Star said...

Call me next time, for real. We could have spent some time bonding and girl talking it up :)I was home cause Bryce was working.

Cami said...

I want one! ;)