Saturday, February 27, 2010


There has never been a better photographer.

Or better shoes.

More to be posted soon.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010


The Single Ladies dance is coming along...I have a hard time moving my hips like Beyonce

I got my wedding pics back and they are great...posting soon

I get my hair cut on March 6th and I am thinking of doing box bangs

San Diego cut LT

I have no desire to see Avatar so that leaves only A Serious Man before Oscar time

My birthday is in a week and a half

I like the ugly hippy chick on American Idol

I am ready for the Olympics to be over so that I can get my American institution back....30 Rock

I have 7 Mia Maids that call me Sister Parker

This is what I do at work all day

Only like 4 months to the beach

Only like 4 months until I get to see kids eyes light up at Disneyland

I made the decision not to hang out with people I don't like and who don't like me. No more faking

I am going to miss Celebrity Rehab...but my good friend Jared got me hooked on 16 and Pregnant

Like one week to Alice

I still laugh at every episode of ABDC....stupid Mario Lopez

Monday, February 22, 2010


You know when you move and you have all that junk from under your bathroom counter?Like make-up, lotion and sunscreen you have not seen in years?

Well I just moved and I found the holy grail....

a scrunchie.

Remember scrunchies's? Remember how they did not hold your hair at all?

I had 2,465,789 scrunchie's. In every color and design. I did not leave my house without one on my wrist. And that is where it stayed all day. If I wanted to pull my hair back I used a hair tie.

I mean it was basically a fabric bracelet.

And that got me thinking about all the other hair trends I bought into.


The Banana Clip
(I had so many..big, little, fabric, bedazzled....)

The Bow Clip
(you know those big bows with a metal clip on the back)

The Hair Net Clip
(similar to the bow clip but with a hair net)

The Velcro Jewel
(that one is just awful)

The Claw
(you know what I am talking about)

The Twisty Thing that gave you a French Twist
(bought off TV)

This post was like my American Eagle confession


Tuesday, February 16, 2010

What? I'm Busy?

I have a new job.

I like it. The people are cool and chill and I can get texts without getting fired.

I work the perfect hours of 10-4.

I am pretty excited. I am doing a lot of "people" stuff.

I am a bit overwhelmed but I can do it...right?

Also I got a new calling and tomorrow I attend my first young womans activity.

Ice Skating at the Galllivan Center.


To the ice skating...not the calling.

I am excited for that.

Mia Maids will never know what hit them.

But I will not corrupt them....right?

Monday, February 15, 2010

One Month

I am blissfully happy

On A Day Such As This.......

Some of us need to laugh....

Presenting my sweetheart Boe

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentines Day

I love....

The Gospel
My Savior
My Mom
My Second Mom
My Dad
My Brother and Sisters (Nikki and Fam, Lanny and Kim, Megan and Fam, Jessica and Fam, Little Miss)
My Extended Family
My New Family (Matt and Shauna and Fam, Anita and Jessie, Steve and Laura)
Boe, Sam and Max
Having a Calling
Having a Job
My Friends
Dave and Jared
My Blog World Friends (Robin)
When People Follow My Blog....(Hint, Hint)
Diet Coke
Reality TV
Well TV in General
Alice in Wonderland
Anthropologie, Nordstrom and Urban
How Funny I Am
My Poison Tongue
The Chargers
Dior Show
Red Lipstick

Happy Valentines Day

Friday, February 12, 2010

My Dad

My Dad

His Birthday was yesterday

We look alike, we talk alike, we act alike

I love him very much

Happy Birthday Dad!!!

Thursday, February 11, 2010


I would like to start this post off by saying that I have not had a job for a bit so my television standards have fallen. I am now hopefully this will not happen again.

So...I watch Dog


Yesterday Ed and I watched three eposodes in a row.

I learned Dog is wise.



After he arrested someone he stopped at a 7-11 to get a chmichanga for them so that they did not go to jail on an empty stomach
(sidenote: I would have declined...I am guessing jail food is better than a chimichanga from 7-11)

When he tries to bribe his grandsons to do something he is super smart and offers them anything they want at K-Mart.
(sidenote: K-MART???? What the hell is in K-Mart?)

He is a very clear and precise prayer. For real, I heard him say that "he thanked God for fish number one, thanked God that they can not be fishers of men number two" I mean he numbers things so God does not get confused.

He can track a man through the forest but only with his shirt off

Last night he taught a kid how to hold, burp and nurture a baby. I am not kidding. It was akward.

So I think I may continue to watch Dog. He has good insights into life and his wife is the best dresser I have ever seen. 

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Best day of my life

I like clothes. I like them a-lot. I consider myself to have some style.

You never know though if you do have style.

Until you watch Glee and the sweater you bought from Anthro is on Emma Pillsbury

OK now granted mine is in coral but....SAME SWEATER.

I remember the first time this happened. It was a skirt Joey was wearing on Dawsons Creek. I thought I was so awesome.

But really REALLY, the pinnacle happened three weeks ago. I was watching my favorite show 30 Rock and my girl Liz Lemon debuted the perfect outfit...that I own.

See those cupcake pajamas? Yeah as we speak they are in my closet. They are 100% comfortable and totally Hollywood chic.

Honestly I am in pajamas more than I am in regular clothes so this was huge for me.

Thanks mom for buying me those pajamas at Christmas.

So while I may not be closet it.

Well done....well done

Tuesday, February 9, 2010


So remember when you were little and your parents or leaders or teachers would teach you about goals? Usually at the beginning of the year. Or do any of y'all make New Years resolutions? You know lose weight, do more service, quit removing letters from words because you think it sounds cute. Well I was thinking. I did not make any. I mean I got married, I lost 10 pounds, I wore a pair of Louboutins. Now what?

Thats right. I am going to learn the entire single ladies dance. I swear it. I am giving myself two months from this very day. I am going to learn it and as proof I will post it on this very blog (maybe). I think I can do it. I mean I learned "Oops I did it again" sooooo.

I mean the crouch move scares me. I may pull a muscle or two...but I will do it. Even found this handy sight to help me.

I mean I set the bar pretty high for myself, I know, but without direction I can not succeed.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Long Overdue

This band has been my number one favorite band for a lot of years. So that being said know that I come from a place of complete prejudice.

This is the best band EVER

Rock-n-Roll would be stale without them. They have influenced most of the popular music you kids listen to today. I mean do you think Green Day came up with the idea of a rock opera? Do you think Nirvana came up with bar chord heavy riffs? Do you think Taylor Swift came up with singing out of tune on live television? I mean there is even an interview with Keith Moon after he married his first wife where he says if he wanted to keep her he needed to put a ring on her. I mean Beyonce practically stole that.

They trashed hotel rooms before GNR, they destroyed instruments before Maiden, and they sold out arena's before Miss Spears.

With songs like The Seeker, Pinball Wizard, Love Reign O're Me,Tommy and My Generation. Well This band has proven themselves to be Gods of Rock.

So do yourself a favor and at least turn on CSI one day. Or spin a few hits. you will not regret it.

Oh and yeah I am disappointed in the song selection for halftime. But what did you expect. It was on CBS.