Wednesday, February 24, 2010


The Single Ladies dance is coming along...I have a hard time moving my hips like Beyonce

I got my wedding pics back and they are great...posting soon

I get my hair cut on March 6th and I am thinking of doing box bangs

San Diego cut LT

I have no desire to see Avatar so that leaves only A Serious Man before Oscar time

My birthday is in a week and a half

I like the ugly hippy chick on American Idol

I am ready for the Olympics to be over so that I can get my American institution back....30 Rock

I have 7 Mia Maids that call me Sister Parker

This is what I do at work all day

Only like 4 months to the beach

Only like 4 months until I get to see kids eyes light up at Disneyland

I made the decision not to hang out with people I don't like and who don't like me. No more faking

I am going to miss Celebrity Rehab...but my good friend Jared got me hooked on 16 and Pregnant

Like one week to Alice

I still laugh at every episode of ABDC....stupid Mario Lopez


Shane and Jessica Hamblin said...

thumbs up for box bangs, celebrity rehab and 16 and pregnant. LOVE.

Double thumbs up for the beach. LOVE LOVE.

mattie said...

i also think you'd look great with box it!

aubry. said...

word, word, word. word to it all. like, i need to dedicate an entire blog post to respond to all of this.

most importantly, the ugly one is the best.

David said...

If I would have taken the "dont hang out with people I don't like" approach we would have never become friends JDP. Also don't hate on the olympics. I bet you were mad when the gay American dude beat the gay russian russian dude in the figure skating. I can't believe its been a whole year since we went to that one place that is the biggest west of the mississip. Oh and I still have some fireworks so you and Edwin go to maverick and get some lighters and we can blow stuff up next week.