Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Best day of my life

I like clothes. I like them a-lot. I consider myself to have some style.

You never know though if you do have style.

Until you watch Glee and the sweater you bought from Anthro is on Emma Pillsbury

OK now granted mine is in coral but....SAME SWEATER.

I remember the first time this happened. It was a skirt Joey was wearing on Dawsons Creek. I thought I was so awesome.

But really REALLY, the pinnacle happened three weeks ago. I was watching my favorite show 30 Rock and my girl Liz Lemon debuted the perfect outfit...that I own.

See those cupcake pajamas? Yeah as we speak they are in my closet. They are 100% comfortable and totally Hollywood chic.

Honestly I am in pajamas more than I am in regular clothes so this was huge for me.

Thanks mom for buying me those pajamas at Christmas.

So while I may not be closet it.

Well done....well done


aubry. said...

we're so lucky we get to hang out with each other... same blog post on the same day, practically.

so, the fat red headed kid on the sandlot is wearing a yellow and white striped t-shirt from gap {circa 1991-92} that i happened to own. regular ol' men's t-shirt. does not measure up to glee cooless.

AND THEN... there was a real obscure anthony hopkins movie called hearts in atlantis, once again, involving a young boy wearing my clothes. BUT... to my defense... i got my shirt at the limited... a GIRL store... like 5 years prior...

so there.

Lori said...

I read an article once about the 10 things you should never wear. I owned 7 of them. :-( Maybe I could use a few lessons from Sweet J.