Monday, March 30, 2009


Good Times

Good Food

Good Friends

$10,ooo Cash


This my friends is a bottle of water that I ordered instead of Diet Coke.

It has begun

Sweet Baby Boy

Today is this sweet little things 5th birthday. In dog years my sweet Angelus is older than me. I love this boy with all my heart. I know that most do not understand. But he saved my life. I mean sure he is spoiled and he pees on everything and honestly he is a bit of a jerk. Oh and I think he is gay...not that there is anything wrong with that.

Happy Birthday Angel Boy


Thursday, March 19, 2009

Favorite Friday - March Madness

sung to the tune of "it's the most wonderful time of the year"

It's the most wonderful time of the year. When I win the bracket and no one can hack it when up against me!!!! It's the most wonderful's the most wonderful's the most wonderful time of the year!!!!!!!!!!


My work bedroom

My Marla

My Desk

Masters Of the Universe

My awards....yeah thats right...awards fools

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy St. Patricks Day

So today has not been a holiday for me in like 5 years, but any day you can make a cupcake...well that is just a good day.

So most of my posts as of late have been just pictures and little quips. So in true Jen fashion..I have some bullet points.....
  • Don't let anyone give you crap miss
  • I am grateful so much for my friends
  • I loved having a gun lesson. My teacher even said I was a quick learner
  • 20 months y'all
  • Next Wednesday everyone....just wait for it
  • I can not wait for Memorial Day and July..hopefully someone is working on their core
  • Danny Gokey will win American Idol
  • I now have tickets to Ms. Spears, RCPM, and Poison w/Death Leppard and Cheap Trick
  • I feel like I am making no progress but everyone says I am
  • AZ will crush Utah
  • I love March Madness with all my heart
  • Never take a joke too far.........
  • 4 hours down 96 to go
  • I finally feel things are getting back to how they used to be and I LOVE it
  • I am amazed how my testimony times it consumes me and that is amazing
  • I miss my dad
  • I miss football
  • I miss my puppies
  • If I ever say I am quitting Diet Coke again....laugh right at me
  • I believe you

Chain, Chain, Chain.....

I came home from Wyoming to find this little treat in my room. A gift that keeps on giving....until May. Each envelope is filled with either a quote or a sweet treat or far anyway. I have loved it!!! But the funniest thing is the fact that my room was a disaster area when Auby and Brookie came to deliver. I was honestly surprised that Auby did not start cleaning my room or pass out upon entrance.


Metal Gods

This little show is not for the faint of heart. But Ed and Dave braved it with me for my birthday. I is not a..friendly family show BUT I did get to sing out loud to "Round and Round" while making the DB symbol all night long so...its a win.

A Commi Pinko Falls......

Extra Extra.....Read all about it

Jennifer Shot A Gun!!!!

Watch as her liberal values slide more towards the right.....

This is what 32 looks like

Do you see that smile on my face?

That is a smile of sheer content. Even in the freezing cold. I am really happy. Truly, truly happy. Sure I am 32. Sure I have some serious frustrations right now. But I am RIGHT where I need to be. I am on the path I am supposed to be on. So bring on 32 fool. I got this yo. Life, you can throw whatever you want at me..I am ready. I am strong. I am fearless. Except when it comes to elevator doors.....those scare me.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Favorite Friday - Bernadette Seacrest

Ummmm I love this woman. I was introduced to her in 2004 in a small jazz bar in New Mexico. I was instantly hooked. She just sits and sings for like two hours. It was mesmerizing. Her CD's are like my cherished possessions. I am sad I have only seen her once, but I remember I talked to her afterward. She was so quiet and humble. For the last song the lights were dimmed and acapella she sang "Strange Fruit". I cried through the whole thing. It was amazing.

Matchy Matchy

Diesel makes a good womans shoe....or is it a mens shoe?

Monday, March 2, 2009

What Do You MEAN Caffeine Free?

One ticket to BYU/Utah game - $10

One CAFFEINE FREE Diet Coke - $3

One day in a hell that consisted of an acapella group and 65,ooo raaaar's.......priceless

I am now officailly a Ute fan...that place SUCKED