Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy St. Patricks Day

So today has not been a holiday for me in like 5 years, but any day you can make a cupcake...well that is just a good day.

So most of my posts as of late have been just pictures and little quips. So in true Jen fashion..I have some bullet points.....
  • Don't let anyone give you crap miss
  • I am grateful so much for my friends
  • I loved having a gun lesson. My teacher even said I was a quick learner
  • 20 months y'all
  • Next Wednesday everyone....just wait for it
  • I can not wait for Memorial Day and July..hopefully someone is working on their core
  • Danny Gokey will win American Idol
  • I now have tickets to Ms. Spears, RCPM, and Poison w/Death Leppard and Cheap Trick
  • I feel like I am making no progress but everyone says I am
  • AZ will crush Utah
  • I love March Madness with all my heart
  • Never take a joke too far.........
  • 4 hours down 96 to go
  • I finally feel things are getting back to how they used to be and I LOVE it
  • I am amazed how my testimony grows...at times it consumes me and that is amazing
  • I miss my dad
  • I miss football
  • I miss my puppies
  • If I ever say I am quitting Diet Coke again....laugh right at me
  • I believe you


David said...

AZ will crush Utah? LOLHAHAHAHAHLOL x10000000

I just gotta keep working and those abs will come.

I agree on Danney Gokey;)

Hitler derfintely had to learn the hard way.

next wednesday... 100 quarters

aubry. said...

i quit diet coke for the both of us. i AM the strong one here... :)

and yes, yes to each and every bullet point. i'd elaborate... but i don't want any haters.

kelzone said...

i love march moustache madness with all my heart