Friday, October 30, 2009

Favorite Friday - It's a 10

Who here wants perfect, fabulous, fantastic hair?

Well I am here to answer your prayers and let you in on the greatest hair product ever.

Let me tell you about my hair.

It is ugly.
It is flat.
It is stick straight.
It is dry.

I hate my hair.

This miracle product has redeemed my hair with shiny, fabulous, goodness.

It does ten things, I do not remember what. So I composed my OWN ten

  1. It makes my hair manageable
  2. It protects my hair
  3. It makes my hair shiny
  4. It stops fly-aways
  5. It smells g-g-g-good
  6. It hydrates my hair
  7. It makes me stop looking like Kim from Atlanta Housewives
  8. It gives me that hair model look when I turn my head
  9. It takes the annoying wave out of my hair
  10. It promotes world peace
And so It's a 10 this Friday is dedicated to you.....and your sassy pink top

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Thankful Thursday

Thank you for commenting on my blog
that goes out to everyone except for you because you did not

Thank you for going to Sonic TWICE in an hour period
i don't know why I love that chicken basket

Thank you country gravy
because you are why i like the chicken basket

Thank you for my country roots
because that is why i like country gravy

Thank you for picking me up IN THE SNOW and driving all around IN THE SNOW
seriously...we hate utah...except for the great clothes and such

they are going to look so awesome

Thank you for letting us borrow your glass candy dishes
you don't read this but thanks just the same

Thank you for reminding me to invite Glenn Beck to my wedding
you even supplied his address
although i could have just sent it to hell and he would have gotten it eventually

Thank you for coming on the 14th
its gonna be tight y'all

Thank you for going to the store for me
*sigh* i love you

Thank you for getting the timeshare
it is going to be tight y'all

Thank you for going to TJ Max and getting the shoes for cheaper
i am excited to marry into a great family

Thank you for making my passport appointment
maybe MY MOTHER could start reading my blog

Thank you for Sunday
it was worth it

Thank you for chilling with us while we waited for our food
that was crazy right? remind your husband we did not plan it

Thank you for beating Kansas City
freak...i would have razored myself

Thank you for sending me the BEP and Slash video
it was awesome

Thank you for coming to my door and sticking a business card to it and ruining my Wednesday
i can not stand ANY of you

Thank you for supporting my cousins business
even though you did not know it was her

Thank you for always reminding me that I am nothing without you
it is a lesson a learn daily

Thank you for always inviting me to go bowling
one day i may say yes

Monday, October 26, 2009


Hate me.

I have really tried to understand why.

I mean could it be because

I like football (actually love it more than air)
I like boy TV shows (Sunny, Family Guy, South Park, Adult Swim)
I like action and horror movies and despise 95% of chick flicks
I hate the Twilight movies
I am a music snob
I like Star Wars and Star Trek and Video Games
I like 80's Hair Metal
I despise Grey's Anatomy
I love college basketball
I love crowded venues and live music

Because if you really knew me you would know

I love shopping
I love Nordstrom and Anthropologie
I like getting my hair done
I like getting my nails done
I know my pop culture references
I like designer jeans
I giggle
I have celebrity crushes (mind you it is Stephen Colbert but still)
I love to read
I have someone I call a bestie

Honestly, I think what it comes down to is I am pretty pragmatic and highly opinionated. I mean I don't mind when other girls like things I don't...but on certain things...I tend to say to much.

Oh and what can I say. Only child. So I was all girl for my mom and all boy for my dad. So if I happen to get along better with boys...well...they don't treat me the way girls usually do.

I do have some really great girlfriends, old and new, so really I don't much. I just think it is semi-interesting and semi-hilarious.

Maybe it is because I am a Democrat

Friday, October 23, 2009

Favorite Friday - The Perfect Engagement

Friday October 9th 2009.

I have been told to be ready at 5:30 so that we can meet our friends at Ed's house. We are going to go to dinner and then to to see A Chorus Line

side note: I had been pretty cranky this week. I told Auby I was going to get a ticket for A Chorus Line and go with her and Brit on Saturday. That night Ed told me we were going to see A Chorus Line. Sneaky Ed.

Anyway so our friends Cody and Ruthie picked us up to go to dinner and such

side note: The night before I argued with Ed on how we needed to meet them because they were coming from Lehi. He told me they wanted to pick us up. Sneaky Ed.

We are driving and having great conversation when I realize...we are going to the airport.

side note: I asked Ed where we were going and he said that Cody was just messing around. Knowing Cody I believed him..for like a minute. Sneaky Ed.

It did not take long to realize...we were stopping at the airport. Ed got out, Cody got out, Ruthie got out. I stayed firmly put saying "what in the hell is going on?" Ed says "Jen get out, we are going on a trip". I get out and Cody hands me an overnight bag. I say "that is Aubs bag".

side note: Auby packed me the most amazing surprise overnight bag. Seriously. If you ever go on a surprise vacation..make sure she packs your bag. Complete with 30z liquid bottles and Dior Moisturizer. I mean PERFECTION. Opening it that night was like Christmas. Sneaky Auby.

I followed Ed into the airport and soon learned we were jetting off to California. We boarded the airplane and I knew right away this was going to be amazing when I plugged my earphones into the media player on the plane and I could listen to "Circus" by Ms. Spears.

That next day, well we went to Disneyland. We rode rides until about noon and then Ed wanted a Churro. So we got Churros. Ed asked me where the bathroom was. I told him. He made small talk and then said...I will be right back.

side note: Our friends Cody and Ruthie flew out after we did to help Ed "delive
r" the ring. Sneaky Cody and Ruthie

Next think I knew Ed was in front of the castle he says "Jen come here I found someone to take our picture" So I got up...walked over...and then I saw it. A cupcake with the most beautiful ring ever on top. Ed got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. I said yes...and the rest is a blur of hugs and clapping and kisses and frosting.

And so perfect engagement this Friday is dedicated to you........

And Happily Ever After

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Thankful Thursday

Thank you for bringing me Mochi ice cream
i love you so so so so much

Thank you for making me the most beautiful wedding dress
i know it will be amazing

Thank you for driving me to the end of the earth
a bean burrito is not a proper thank you

Thank you for making Hannah Montana your ring tone
because now i will call you all the time and laugh

Thank you for going to Kitty's with me
i can really only swear like a sailor around you

Thank you for the cobbler
insert sassy remark about your co-worker

Thank you for the best hour of the week
mad men i adore you

Thank you for fabulous pillows I can't have yet
hey everybody i am registering at target

Thank you for carving pumpkins with us
i am so excited to spend many weekend nights trying to keep your husband off of mine

Thank you for lower calorie soup
i don't know how you did it V8...but you did

Thank you for pepper jack snack cheese
again we are registering at target

Thank you for laughing when I throw fits
again...i love you

Thank you for reminding me why football season makes me suicidal
*sigh* chargers

Wednesday, October 21, 2009


I really could go on and on and on and on about how I despise these movies

But today I focus on reason number(s) 2,598 and 1,589


Look at that kid. I am serious when I tell you I am more afraid of him molesting my children than eating them. Like, I am expecting Chris Hansen to make a guest appearance in this film asking Jasper why he was chatting with a 13 year old girl online and why he has a six pack of wine coolers.

The Soundtrack

OK, most know that I am a music snob. I admit it. But today iTunes called this soundtrack...wait for it...glorious. REALLY???? Glorious???? Wow. Big words for a soundtrack that featured like 679 Muse songs on the first one. I mean...I have seen the track list on this and I guess they are right. It is a glorious pile of crap. Oh but wait....if I buy it on iTunes there is a bonus track. My gut feeling is that it is a GLORIOUS tune from Nickleback.

Once again I also feel I must admit I will see it. Again, mostly for the mocking

I Promise

To be more of a faithful blogger

I mean I guess I don't know if anyone cares...but...I guess I will do it for myself and my 3 readers.

I also promise to blog about

The perfect engagement
Tardy for the Party
Wedding Stuff
Farm Animals

and various other things

Get ready world (I mean the 3 people reading this)


Friday, October 2, 2009

Favorite Friday - Passive Aggressive Facebook Fights

I have been in them.

I have instigated them.

I am amazed every time I see one.

I vow never ever ever again to do it. From now on I will confront you head on....because that's the way I like it anyway.

But it is kind of fun to read them....and even funner when you realize..."oh snap that person just called me out on a website", or "that person is angry because I have an opinion" or "your picture of your family in the Bahamas last year has really made me angry".

And so passive aggressive facebook fights this day is dedicated to you in all your dysfunctional glory.

(and I think that I have positive status updates)

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Can't Find A Better Man

I went to Pearl Jam on Monday

It was good

It got me to thinking...I was a freshman in high school when Ten came out. That means when Eddie said that some people brought their kids to the concert...well that could have been me.

Then I thought about my 6 favorite bands and if I would bring my kids to their concerts. In my head I thought.....

(ummm yeah maybe...I mean I can't now because they are broken up for the 47th time...but yeah, as long as Liam was not no I would not take them)

The Who
(Uh yeah totally...for the two that are alive I guess. If Keith was still alive, yeah probably not)

Social Distortion
(definitely no)

Roger Clyne and The Peacemakers
(Yes except they always play venues 21 and over so no)

Iron Maiden
(I never want to explain devil worship to my kids)

Guns N Roses
(yes yes and yes because if they ever got back together that would be worth hearing the F bomb)

You know and then there is....

Ms. Spears
Allison Moorer
(21 and over and they should choose there own political views and not have their mother and a singer telling them who to vote for)
(yeah...except I do not want to explain what a-sexual is)
(By that time they will know Poison because of Rock of Love yeah)

SO.....*sigh* in conclusion. I will be seeing Disney on Ice for the rest of my life.

(side note: I would take a dog to everyone of the above mentioned