Thursday, October 22, 2009

Thankful Thursday

Thank you for bringing me Mochi ice cream
i love you so so so so much

Thank you for making me the most beautiful wedding dress
i know it will be amazing

Thank you for driving me to the end of the earth
a bean burrito is not a proper thank you

Thank you for making Hannah Montana your ring tone
because now i will call you all the time and laugh

Thank you for going to Kitty's with me
i can really only swear like a sailor around you

Thank you for the cobbler
insert sassy remark about your co-worker

Thank you for the best hour of the week
mad men i adore you

Thank you for fabulous pillows I can't have yet
hey everybody i am registering at target

Thank you for carving pumpkins with us
i am so excited to spend many weekend nights trying to keep your husband off of mine

Thank you for lower calorie soup
i don't know how you did it V8...but you did

Thank you for pepper jack snack cheese
again we are registering at target

Thank you for laughing when I throw fits
again...i love you

Thank you for reminding me why football season makes me suicidal
*sigh* chargers


Anonymous said...

YEA...I made the list twice! .....I think

aubry. said...

so did i!

... i think.

wilkinson family said...

Hey, I heard about silverlime from your blog...I got the most adorable necklace with Ben and Sadie's names. When I saw the return address was Lyman I knew it had to be a relative. Thanks for sharing!!

Mike & Melissa said...

Good luck. Jill, Sarah and I have been trying for 3 years to keep our husbands off of Ed. Just face it, Jen. You won the pick of the liter!

Brooke said...

You're welcome