Wednesday, October 21, 2009


I really could go on and on and on and on about how I despise these movies

But today I focus on reason number(s) 2,598 and 1,589


Look at that kid. I am serious when I tell you I am more afraid of him molesting my children than eating them. Like, I am expecting Chris Hansen to make a guest appearance in this film asking Jasper why he was chatting with a 13 year old girl online and why he has a six pack of wine coolers.

The Soundtrack

OK, most know that I am a music snob. I admit it. But today iTunes called this soundtrack...wait for it...glorious. REALLY???? Glorious???? Wow. Big words for a soundtrack that featured like 679 Muse songs on the first one. I mean...I have seen the track list on this and I guess they are right. It is a glorious pile of crap. Oh but wait....if I buy it on iTunes there is a bonus track. My gut feeling is that it is a GLORIOUS tune from Nickleback.

Once again I also feel I must admit I will see it. Again, mostly for the mocking


aubry. said...

we will buy rice krispies. we will sit in seats f 16 and f 17, we will enjoy it. we will laugh when other cry. we will not drool. we will not sigh. we will not wear our robsten shirts from hot topic. but, maybe we CAN ask your mom to drop us off at the movie theater for an afternoon with our bestie of shopping and a movie...

please, diane. please?

mattie said...

haha i HATE nickelback. that would be a bonus reason for me to choke and die because they are so bad.

hope you don't mind me commenting!

robin said...

okay, i feel like i need to come clean with you. i am a bit excited to see this one. can we still be virtual friends? i mean, i of course realize the horribleness of these movies, but when i first saw the trailer i kinda felt nerdy and got excited for november 20th.

i can't explain it. i'm 30. what's wrong with me?