Monday, October 26, 2009


Hate me.

I have really tried to understand why.

I mean could it be because

I like football (actually love it more than air)
I like boy TV shows (Sunny, Family Guy, South Park, Adult Swim)
I like action and horror movies and despise 95% of chick flicks
I hate the Twilight movies
I am a music snob
I like Star Wars and Star Trek and Video Games
I like 80's Hair Metal
I despise Grey's Anatomy
I love college basketball
I love crowded venues and live music

Because if you really knew me you would know

I love shopping
I love Nordstrom and Anthropologie
I like getting my hair done
I like getting my nails done
I know my pop culture references
I like designer jeans
I giggle
I have celebrity crushes (mind you it is Stephen Colbert but still)
I love to read
I have someone I call a bestie

Honestly, I think what it comes down to is I am pretty pragmatic and highly opinionated. I mean I don't mind when other girls like things I don't...but on certain things...I tend to say to much.

Oh and what can I say. Only child. So I was all girl for my mom and all boy for my dad. So if I happen to get along better with boys...well...they don't treat me the way girls usually do.

I do have some really great girlfriends, old and new, so really I don't much. I just think it is semi-interesting and semi-hilarious.

Maybe it is because I am a Democrat


kelzone said...

i agree with most of those things on your list (huge exception on 80's hair metal-that's weird)...

as to why girls hate you? it's cause they're jealous.
i'm jealous. you got to be alice in wonderland. what girl wouldn't want that?
as for the girls in your ward? you got ed parker.

aubry. said...

Ah ha ha ha ha ha HA!

Remember the time you walked in on the season finale of grey's and were glued like the rest of us? And remember all those times you've walked in on ygr middle of an episode and asked important character development questions? Hmm. I do.

No matter, you're so cool, I'm so lucky I get to hang out with you.

David said...

You seriously don't know why?

Ryan W said...

You aren't opinionated, you are passionate about certain things. Opinionated people offer opinions on everything whether they know what the hell they are talking about or not. I'm passionate too and I get the same reaction from people, it's a heavy burden.

Lori said...

All of us Arizona/Utah girls love you! (We occasionally will beat you up if we catch you wearing an Obama shirt....... but other than that we think you're pretty cool.......)

robin said...

that's an awesome post. i love it.

well, i pretty much hate all that boyish stuff you adore, but i think we could still be friends.