Thursday, September 29, 2011


Ok now....I don't get political often.

But I have my opinions.

I am a Democrat.

As a Democrat there are certain things we would like to forget....

Like Jimmy Carter and the Reagan years.

But nothing more than the Kerry/Edwards campaign.

Have MERCY that was embarrassing.

So I ask the 48 year old hippie driving his Subaru to remove this bumper sticker.

It's so painful to follow you almost every morning and remember the disgrace.

I would like to state that I know that not every person who drives a Subaru is a hippie or a Democrat

But most are

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Rent this

Because it's really good 

and really funny

with a great cast.

INCLUDING Paulie from the Rocky series.

Remember the robot that Rocky bought Paulie for his birthday in Rocky IV? And it had that great entrance music? And it was all Happy Birthday Paulie in robot voice? And remember how great that soundtrack is? That soundtrack is wicked awesome. Survivor man....what an underestimated band. I loved Rocky IV. I can't decide if I like Rocky or Rocky IV better. Tough call. But remember how Brigitte Nielson was HOT in that movie???? And then she dated Flavor Flav? Crazy. And then remember when Flavor Flav did that show on MTV Flavor of Love and that girl Hoopz was on there and now she is dating Shaq? Like she went from trying to get Flavor Flav to Shaq. That THAT is a step up. And then remember that movie Shaq was in? Kazaam? That movie suuuuuuuucked.


Win/Win is great. 

Rent it.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Bed Rest

I am have been relegated to bed rest.


But it will be over tomorrow, I was hoping such luck.

So what it a girl to do on bed rest?

Get into Breaking Bad on Netflix....only to realize you don't like it mid second season
Watch two whole seasons of Reno 911
Watch 12792837492837 hours of Law and Order: Criminal Intent
Fall in love all over again with Vincent D'onofrio
Work from home
Get waited on by your sweet husband (I will not get into why my husband is the best, but rest assured....he is)
Have sweet people come visit me

Look, bed rest email me or text me....or comment....


Saturday, September 24, 2011

Because I am unoriginal

I stole this idea from Miss.

I have been on bed rest the last couple of days...and while I could blog about the 34985739875938457394857 hours of TV I watched I thought this would be more informative.


Favorite Film
All About Eve. LITERALLY the best movie on the planet. Bette Davis...I die.

Right now....Strawberry Kiwi Capri Suns....I had 10 yesterday

Whats on the Blog Roll
Look to your right...then I read whatever Miss says to read like "miss you must bookmark this one" or "you will die for this blog"

Favorite Day of the Year
Ummmm I am going with a day in the first part of December (November if I am lucky)

Favorite Destination
Disneyland. Hands down. No contest. I don't care what any of you travelers say. 

What Album are you Listening to Right Now
REO Speedwagon Greatest Hits. I was supposed to go to that concert yesterday. LOVE YOU GIRL BABY.

Smell you Can't Live Without
Anthro Volcano candle

Favorite Book
I have three.....
Grapes of Wrath
To Kill a Mockingbird
Sweet Valley High: Prom Night

Favorite Food
Stadium Nachos with Jalapenos, my mom's sugar cookies, my second mom's chicken tacos

Fashion Favorites
Anthro, J.Crew, Urban

Favorite Person
Rudolf Wild......he invented the Capri Sun

Tuesday, September 20, 2011


I was an only child growing up.

And if truth be told I remember being alone and on my own a lot.

So I had two imaginary friends.

Jane and Michael Banks.

I am serious...I was not even crafty enough to imagine friends so I stole them from Mary Poppins.

And tonight Miss and I are going to see them in real live action on the Capitol Theater stage.

I hope they remember that one time when we drew on my bedroom wall with a Sharpie....I got it a lot of trouble for that.

Monday, September 19, 2011

It's the most wonderful time of the year.....


The DVR is set.

Family Guy
Cleveland Show
America Dad
Walking Dead
Once Upon a Time
Pan Am

How I met your mother
Playboy Club

Rachel Zoe
New Girl

Top Chef
Up All Night
X Factor
Harry's Law
American Horror Story
Modern Family

The Office
Parks and Rec
30 Rock (in January 2012)



Now look....this will not be my final line-up...but I give a lot  of shows a chance. And judge if you want. I don't care much.

So here is to Fall TV and all it's magical wonders.

What will you be watching????

Friday, September 16, 2011

In honor of Twilight

I have had grown women ask me...

"are you team edward or team jacob"

Here is your answer

That is all.

Thursday, September 15, 2011


This is my car.

We just sold it.

I am sad.

This was the first car I had since being able to drive again
My husband bought it for me
It carried a trunk full of balloons for my wedding
It drove me to and from Hairspray rehearsals
It drove me to AZ, CA, and Vegas
I have laughed and cried in that car

And now it is gone.

To be replaced with a sensible family car.


Wednesday, September 14, 2011



I mean.

Girl baby does not need another stitch of clothing after this.

Slayers Rule. Bella Drools.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The day the earth stood still

So I have been trying to get on the Target website ALL DAY to see the Missoni collection.

I wanted this bedding for my new guest bedroom.

The Target site has been down off and on all day.

Women like me trying to get their Italian luxury at low low prices (I should write tag lines).

When I FINALLY got on....everything....OUT OF STOCK.

Sad face.

This just happened

So I was looking on google for concert pics. 

More specifically pregnant concert pics.

To start a post stating Girl Baby has already been to.....

Def Leppard/Heart
Big and Rich

And I found this on Yahoo questions....this is real....not a joke....copy and pasted here for your pleasure.

I bought tickets awhile ago for the Nickelback concert, and didn't really think much of it. Now I'm 35 weeks pregnant and was wondering if it's bad for the baby's ears. My husband's co-worker said it may be bad. I'm scared about it, so I'm just not going, but now I'm curious. I don't want to call the doc, but just get your opinions. Can loud music hurt the baby's ears in the last stages of pregnanct?


The poor child born to that mother.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday to George Jones.

One of the greatest singers this world has seen.

He is what country music is supposed to be.

Remember the 1999 CMA awards where they asked George Jones A LEGEND to trim his song down so that they would have time for the Alabama/'N sync duet. So George refused to go....BECAUSE HE IS FRIGGIN ROYALTY. And then Alan Jackson performed a George Jones song then unplugged his guitar and walked off stage. I was so proud.

Country has gone to crap. Statement of fact.

But George, oh George....I still cry when I listen to "He stopped loving her today".

So Happy Birthday to The Possum.

Friday, September 9, 2011


Miss Kim won my Giveaway.
Thanks to all who entered.

I will do another one before Girl Baby.

Keep following!!!!

Why it is important to have a bestie

Miss is my best friend.

And tonight was a best friend moment....

As we Hey Telled about super craft day tomorrow, the race she is running, and tables...this convo happened.

Miss - Are you out of breath?
Me - No just in feels like the bones in my crotch are being pulled apart slowly.
Miss - Well I have been in a lot of recovery rooms and I know you get a cloth diaper or a pad and soak it cold water and then shove it down your crotch. I hear it is very soothing.
Me - Well ok then.

I mean I am dealing, because that is what you do and I am not the first pregnant woman to feel like her bones are being crushed. But my bestie (who has not given birth) knew what would make it feel better.

A cold maxi pad and tylenol.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Don't Forget.....

My Anthro Giveaway ends tomorrow.

Click here and enter now.....and reap the rewards.

That made me sound wise.

Done and Done

Girl Baby will be completely outfitted in Zara.

First piece already bought my Auntie Aubry

Seriously though.....I DIE.

So if anyone is wondering what to get girl baby...start here and buy ANYTHING.

Sweet little will thank you.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Listen Up Yo

Number Miss would say...this girl auditioned for the chance to take this picture. And she won out over all the other pregnant ladies. Let's give her a hand.

Number two...the Snoogle is the best thing ever invented. Sure it is for pregnant woman BUT I will use it long after baby. 

Seriously the best thing to happen to our bed since we made baby.

F'real...this will change your life. 

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Google Images

So...when I searched for female vocalists the first photo was this....

Out of ALL the female vocalists in the land THIS is who comes up?

I don't know I'm torn. (bu dum ching)


So I have to admit.

I have a thing for girl power.

For the empowered female.

And that gives way to loving female vocalists.

Last week Ed and I went to see Heart and Def Leppard. 

Ann Wilson can SING.STILL. 

Like she belted out Alone like no ones business. 

Now I have a special place in my heart for female vocalists seeing as how I like to think I can sing. 

But seriously, if you went through my record collection I would bet you would see mostly women.

So to my readers....go....listen to some strong women.

Need some new ones?

Allison Moorer (my fave among all faves)
Shelby Lynne
Mindy Smith
Kasey Chambers
Miranda Lambert
Pistol Annies

Need some classics?


Need to Rock?

The Runaways
Joan Jett
Lita Ford

And then lets all start a band. I am lead and washboard. Hurry and name your instrument...first come first serve.

Monday, September 5, 2011

A Recipe Post

Peeps....this is huge.

Anyone who reads my blog KNOWS this is not a cooking blog.

But I tried a recipe tonight...TDF (to die for)

remember on RHONY when sonja did not want to go to morocco because she did not like couscous....

If I made it again I would probably cut down on the lemons just a was pretty strong....but delicious.

Also I did not add onions (gross) of saffron (gold in a bottle)

Anyways....try it out. It is not my recipe so if you hate it...blame Rachel Ray.

I do for everything.


So my husband and I registered for Girl Baby on Saturday.

Again I will remind that I am super excited for baby.


Registering is AWFUL. 

There are 2398742342987423948734 things this baby apparently needs.

It was not so bad until we got to bottles and pacifiers and breast pumps.

FREAK pacifiers. There are so many. 

We had decided on the MAM paci route before we got there but then I ran into the pink issue. That I ran into  EVERYWHERE. So we registered for green and yellow and prayed that there would not be too many people who asked what HIS name is or how old is HE.

And then...I swore I would not register for a breast pump and guess what I DID. Because the one I want is super spency and I get 10% off everything on my registry if I buy it. So yeah there is a breast pump on my registry as well as a Jewel Lullaby CD and strips to test if there is booze in your breast milk (thank you Ed Parker).

And we were surrounded by the excited couples who could not wait to register. The ones who looked at every little thing and were always in my way. And then I felt bad that I was thinking this is what hell would be. But I am pretty sure I am right.

So now we are registered. Babies R Us and Target. 

I mean does this mean I am an adult? 

Friday, September 2, 2011

Thoughts this week

It's Friday.

And I have had random thoughts this whole week.


"I like La Frontera's chips and salsa but prefer Betos everything else...I am white trash mexican"
"My belly WILL fit in this Utes shirt"
"Drunk people are fine until they invade my space"
"It makes me sad you are mean to me for no reason"
"Heart is friggin awesome"
"Poor Angel boy stop throwing up"
"Grow up and take care of your shiz"
"This was a good Chili's night"
"I have the best husband"
"I have a fab bestie and everyone should BACK OFF"
"Climbing stairs is hard"
"Trusting mouse"

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Evolution of Musical Taste

As I get ready for Girl Baby, I am making a list of what she needs to know.

On the top of that list is music.

Music is important to me and I have pretty strong opinions.

I got to thinking...where did my musical taste come from?

This is what I came up with.

Mom and Dad
Country (good country not this new fangled crap)
1960's ensemble folk (Christy Minstrels) 
Tom Jones
David Cassidy
Classic Rock

Laverne who I worked with
1960's Southern Baptist Choirs

Patricia my friend in 6th grade and my Uncle John
Def Leppard
Iron Maiden

My High School Crush
Red House Painters
Talking Heads
Smashing Pumpkins

Christy my first boss
Paul Weller
The Who (who from then on were my favorite band)
Local Bands (like my first exposure)

The Verve
80's Brit Pop

People I would like to forget
Roger Clyne
Social Distortion
Bernadette Peters

Katy Perry

I mean really, I have a lot to teach girl baby. She has a lot to know. I should probably make her a mix tape. 

Buh Giveaway

Let me start out by saying I am THRILLED beyond measure to be pregnant.

But this morning, as I looked through the Anthro website....I was sad.

So many cute things and well....I don't quite have the form to do them

So I am asking you my readers to pick up the torch.

Yes I am doing an Anthro $30 gift card giveaway.

We have done this before...but here is how to enter:

Be a follower and comment
Post on Facebook and then comment you did
Post on Twitter and then comment you did
Post on your blog and then comment that you did
Get a friend to be a follower then comment
Tell me how many ways Nickelback is a terrible band OR try to convince me to love them in a comment

Each way gets you in theory....if you work could be entered 6 times.

This will all come to an end September 9th.

Good Luck!