Monday, September 5, 2011


So my husband and I registered for Girl Baby on Saturday.

Again I will remind that I am super excited for baby.


Registering is AWFUL. 

There are 2398742342987423948734 things this baby apparently needs.

It was not so bad until we got to bottles and pacifiers and breast pumps.

FREAK pacifiers. There are so many. 

We had decided on the MAM paci route before we got there but then I ran into the pink issue. That I ran into  EVERYWHERE. So we registered for green and yellow and prayed that there would not be too many people who asked what HIS name is or how old is HE.

And then...I swore I would not register for a breast pump and guess what I DID. Because the one I want is super spency and I get 10% off everything on my registry if I buy it. So yeah there is a breast pump on my registry as well as a Jewel Lullaby CD and strips to test if there is booze in your breast milk (thank you Ed Parker).

And we were surrounded by the excited couples who could not wait to register. The ones who looked at every little thing and were always in my way. And then I felt bad that I was thinking this is what hell would be. But I am pretty sure I am right.

So now we are registered. Babies R Us and Target. 

I mean does this mean I am an adult? 

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