Friday, September 9, 2011

Why it is important to have a bestie

Miss is my best friend.

And tonight was a best friend moment....

As we Hey Telled about super craft day tomorrow, the race she is running, and tables...this convo happened.

Miss - Are you out of breath?
Me - No just in feels like the bones in my crotch are being pulled apart slowly.
Miss - Well I have been in a lot of recovery rooms and I know you get a cloth diaper or a pad and soak it cold water and then shove it down your crotch. I hear it is very soothing.
Me - Well ok then.

I mean I am dealing, because that is what you do and I am not the first pregnant woman to feel like her bones are being crushed. But my bestie (who has not given birth) knew what would make it feel better.

A cold maxi pad and tylenol.

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robin said...

ah yes, the bones being pulled apart feeling...

sorry about that.