Saturday, September 24, 2011

Because I am unoriginal

I stole this idea from Miss.

I have been on bed rest the last couple of days...and while I could blog about the 34985739875938457394857 hours of TV I watched I thought this would be more informative.


Favorite Film
All About Eve. LITERALLY the best movie on the planet. Bette Davis...I die.

Right now....Strawberry Kiwi Capri Suns....I had 10 yesterday

Whats on the Blog Roll
Look to your right...then I read whatever Miss says to read like "miss you must bookmark this one" or "you will die for this blog"

Favorite Day of the Year
Ummmm I am going with a day in the first part of December (November if I am lucky)

Favorite Destination
Disneyland. Hands down. No contest. I don't care what any of you travelers say. 

What Album are you Listening to Right Now
REO Speedwagon Greatest Hits. I was supposed to go to that concert yesterday. LOVE YOU GIRL BABY.

Smell you Can't Live Without
Anthro Volcano candle

Favorite Book
I have three.....
Grapes of Wrath
To Kill a Mockingbird
Sweet Valley High: Prom Night

Favorite Food
Stadium Nachos with Jalapenos, my mom's sugar cookies, my second mom's chicken tacos

Fashion Favorites
Anthro, J.Crew, Urban

Favorite Person
Rudolf Wild......he invented the Capri Sun


robin said...

i had the same sort of craving when i was pregnant. i could not get enough sweet drinks. with parker it was grape juice, macy it was jamba juice smoothies, oliver it was, well, taco bell's beef baja gorditas, but with sawyer it was mcdonald's orange soda. i seriously could not get enough of the goodness.

ah, reo speedwagon's "in my dreams"... what memories. thanks for reminding me.

disneyland is definitely the best destination. i used to scoff at people when they said they "loved" disneyland. those people don't even know. (i only say this because your love for disneyland is real. i know it.) seriously, i could not be bothered with people who talked about disneyland like they "loved it". when really, my love was deeper than anything they'd ever felt. disneyland is the only place the shipley's vacation.

i didn't know you were a john steinbeck girl! my favorite book is east of eden. you know, I AM from salinas. steinbeck's hometown. so... you know... that's cool.

aubry. said...

robin wins for longest comment ever.
i heard on npr this morning that a person's tolerance for sweet is formed in the womb. yada yada yada - a ten minute story later - my point is.... the damage has been done: your child is pumping capri sun through her baby veins.

just read this. maybe ed parker was right...