Thursday, June 19, 2008

Conversations over cookie dough and NKOTB

So on Monday my good friend Canada and I went to get ice cream with some friends. As most of you know I am a trekkie and have been known to go to Star Trek Conventions. I brought this up...I mean not out of the blue or anything....but it was brought up none the less. Two questions were posed to me:

One - How does a girl like you like Star Trek? I was mildly offended. A girl like me? I have many layers that are not just make-up, clothes and Zach Morris. Deep down I am kind of a nerd. And I am proud of it. I play video games, I played WOW (much preferred City Of Heroes though), I love Star Wars and Harry Potter and LOTR and Star Trek, I love Thundercats and Transformers and G.I. Joe and well lets be honest I am slightly obsessed with vampires and super heroes. SO how does a girl like me like Star Trek....easy......because I am well rounded and a dork.

Two - Who is the hottest female Star Trek Character? This is an easy one because it is clearly Dr. Crusher. But someone felt differently. I heard the name Seven of Nine....who is hot do not get me wrong.....but that is not what turned my head. What turned my head is "What about Seven of Nine? I had a poster of her in my locker in high school". OK now we all have adolescent celebrity crushes...mine was Harold Ramis (you know Egon from Ghostbusters) but the Seven of Nine comment was shocking because of who it came from. A full size locker poster........classic.

Because of this "discovery" I thought I would do my part to help stir old "crush" feelings and throughout the next day my posse and I sent this understated young man pictures of the illustrious Seven of Nine. It was pretty much awesome

That night I opened my email and there they were. The pictures we had sent...with a few minor modifications. I present them now for your viewing pleasure.

Seven of Arnold

Seven of Red Seven of Alice

So I guess we now know who the hottest Star Trek chick is...right?.....Yeah it is still Dr Crusher.

I also wanted to take this opportunity to debut a little somethin somethin. So as many of you are aware I won a little competition by the name of "You Tube Idol". It was a rough road but the rewards of no money, no record contact and no adoring suitors has really been worth it. Seeing all I reaped....Red decided to compete on "So you think you can bust'a-----move". After hours of practice on the perfect routine with the perfect song.....she was ready. Then tragedy struck in the way of too much eyeliner and lip gloss and well.......I had to step up. So is the last time you will see me do a stripper/cheer/80's dance. Well unless you marry me......because then..........

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Essays from Arnold

Jennifer Diane Platts is awesome because she is one of the funniest people I know. She can be sarcastic, dry, or just laugh out loud, pee your pants hilarious. Often times…like me, she is funny even when she is not trying to be. Jennifer is also awesome because even when people say horrible things about her she rises above to be the bigger person. She truly does have a love for human nature and a belief that people are good…at least that is what her actions tell me. Jen is awesome because she reminds me that despite all my short comings, my moodiness, my struggles, I am still a great person, and I still can be who it is I am supposed to be in this life. Jennifer is awesome because she is honest and straightforward. She does not let me get away with excuses or justification. I am a better person for knowing Jennifer.

Jennifer Diane Platts is also awesome because she makes no apologies for who she is and what she has done. It can be said of Jennifer that she has learned from her mistakes; that she is a better woman because of what she has gone through; that she has not let the world get the better of her. She has taken the lemons that life gave her (as well as the ones she picked out all by herselfJ) and made lemonade. Jennifer is not perfect by any means, but she knows that. More importantly she knows that, though she is not perfect now, she has the potential to become come perfected; she knows that it is in the plan that her loving Heavenly Father has for her. Life can be very difficult for Jennifer, but on those difficult days I see her holding tightly, white knuckles even, to that knowledge. Jennifer is awesome because she knows who she is supposed to be.
Now that is what I call a post yo.

The Parable of my Auntie Julie and how it ties into the song of the week

I am an only child. I like it that way. I mean would be nice to have larger family gatherings and such.....and some nieces and nephews would be sweet....but all in all it has been OK. Because of this I have had to adopt "surrogate" siblings. Red, Arnold, Heidi, Carrie, Canada, Chaddy, and many many more. But none has really fit the "big sister" mold like my Aunt Julie.

I have never called her Aunt Julie....just Julie mostly because we are separated by 5 years or so. She is one of my heroes and with this little narration you will soon see why.

Julie used to rip the heads of of my barbies and she would never let me sit on her butterfly bedspread. She always had the coolest clothes and coolest hair. She always listened to the coolest music and knew all the hip dance steps. I wanted to be her. When Julie got married it broke my heart.....mostly because her husband was a D-bag (edited for my mother and that is all) but also because I was losing her. It was the first time I was a bridesmaid and the first time I ever caught a wedding bouquet and then had it ripped from my hands by stupid girls. I am sure that is what curses me now!

Julie's husband was a Bastartoyo (again edited for Diane). I will not go into it but needless to say I did the dance of joy when she left him.....finding out soon after she was pregnant with the best child the world has ever seen. Honestly, I am afraid that I will not love my kids as much as I love this one. So single, she raised him. On her own she raised her son to the best of her ability and because of this he is a stellar 14 year old boy strong in the gospel.

Julie is gorgeous. Always thin, olive skin, never has to wear make-up. Needless to say...she did not want for male attention. But Julie never found the perfect fit. For a long time she was single....A LONG TIME. I always wondered how this was possible. And then here comes Steve. Steve and Julie are a perfect fit. Steve is pretty bitch*n (sorry mom seriously that is the only word that is good there). He knows great music and great women. Julie was patient and found her prince charming. And then received the second greatest child on the face of the earth.

Julie has never shyed away from telling me off or where to get off. She has loved me unconditionally and for that I am grateful. She is an example of love, grace, faith, hope and charity. She gives hope to all women out there that are not the best cooks that you can still find a man. I love her. She gives me hope that no matter what I have been through I can come out on top and one day drive a van with remote control doors.

How is that for not putting your picture on.............

Song of the Week - "Making love out of nothing at all" - Air Supply

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Lost mother like daughter

ANYONE and I mean ANYONE who knows me knows I am not computer savvy. I can barely figure out how to push the buttons on my keyboard. So I am sure it is no surprise I have forgotten how to get into my old blog. I tried for like two hours but it is like keys in lava, forget it man their gone. So I will try again. I have made a few precautions, like I have written down my password and such on the piece of paper I carry around with me that has all my account names, user passwords, pin numbers, social security number, secret crushes ect......come on I am not that stupid......I would never carry around my list of secret crushes.

But now I can keep up with my blogging. I can keep writing to the masses of people who want to know my life and my daily thinking's. I can keep the multitude of people happy that have been beating down my door to know more about the inner workings of my mind. There are not any now...but I am sure there will be.

And great excitement I have learned how to post pictures...I think....we will see...but if so I am pretty excited to feed the narcissistic monster that lives inside of me.

So this weekend, I attended a family reunion. It was probably the best reunion I have been to in years baring a few tiny set backs. I am lucky to have a great family and lucky that they have babies I can hold with no fur because sometimes I am convinced the ones with fur are the best and then I am proven wrong. Which brings me to my first topic. When I got home I was talking to a friend of mine. We were talking about a friend of his that is a terrible and I mean TERRIBLE father. Anyway, I was commenting on how truly awful this guy was at parenting and my friend says "and to tell you the truth I am kind of surprised, he was always so good with his pets". I am not going to lie, I laughed for like 10 minutes straight. Does being good with animals translate into being a good parent? Does loving dogs mean you will be a stellar mom or dad? Well I sure as hell hope so That comment goes down as one of my favorites.

Another thing discussed this weekend was "crushes" why are they called "crushes"? Is it because they inevitably hurt you? Is it because your self esteem is crushed when you find out that instead of you they they would like to date a boy? (Seriously Anderson Cooper.....throw me a bone, I have been sending you all those letters and chickens heads for years) I am just interested. Because I do not know anyone in my circle right now who does not have a "crush" and it interests me why it can not be called a different name. Perhaps it is an "Crazy Roman Unitarian Shirt Hottee". I mean not that one but perhaps something like it. That's why I said wasn't it.............