Thursday, June 30, 2011

Walk of Shame

So back in the day....a walk of shame meant...

Well, leaving "someones" house early in the morning after a night of "stuff". 

You leave in the same clothes you had on the night before.


New walk of shame.

That is the drive-thru at McDonalds during the breakfast rush.

Baby LOVES McDonalds breakfast and this time in line has made me laugh more than once.

We all know we can hear each others orders
We all know that is is unhealthy
We don't make eye contact with anyone
Just pay our bill and on our way to eat our shame in the car

My favorite was the one lone lady in her care who ordered a #9 with two extra hash browns and a large Coke. And she yelled it so loud, unlike us regulars who try to give our orders as hush hush as possible. 

Good job empowered woman. You scream that order with no shame.

One day I will learn from you.


Young Love.

Tonight I had the great opportunity of sitting in a room with 5 teenage couples.

It was a date night and they all were on their best date behavior.

I thought back to when I was 16 and was dating. I had already been kissed. I had already had a boyfriend.

I thought I knew it all and I thought I was so hip and wise.

I loved one boy and one boy only and spent all my waking hours trying to get him to feel the same.

So as I sat around tonight watching these young people interact I thought one thing.

Wait until you are 26 to get married. Better yet...32.

And you girls you let your husband know that you deserve designer maternity jeans.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Baby craves this Orla Kiely Cardi

I must obey

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Dream Job

Today I met with a client

Scott Lazerson

Scott is, well, fabulous.

I could go into all he does, but I will wait to link to the amazing site we are building for him.

But in a phrase...

He connects people.

His Blackberry is filled with people I die to meet. Like this morning he was on the phone with the Duchess of York.

About half way through our meeting he looked at me and asked..."what is your dream job?"

It took me off guard...I had stopped thinking of such things.

But.....the thought of a dream job....a delicious dream job where I did EXACTLY what I wanted.

My answers?

Country singer (old school not Taylor Swift)
Client Manager/Project Manager for a place where I work in the pop culture field. You know PR but not PR.  Well maybe PR. Honestly I don't know what that is called but I want to do it. 

I mean...I would LOVE that. 

So tell me...what is your dream job?

And follow Scott on Twitter.

And when Scott gets HUGE...I will apply for his client manager position.

Monday, June 27, 2011

20 Things should know about my Vegas weekend

The seafood buffet at the Casablanca in Mesquite is NOT all it is cracked up to be
When you pay for a pool view...well you better get a better pic on the website
12 hours in the car and we did not run out of things to talk about
When all that is on is the CMA music awards...go to bed
Thank goodness for people with terrible taste in music
Vegas is hot
If you drive in should learn how to
Neiman Marcus waiters know the calorie count in their dishes
A sweet treat is the HARDEST thing to find in Vegas
The most popular place to take a picture is in front of the Excalibur
It is not required to dress up to go out on the town
Besties make even walking 487349587349587 miles fun
If you are going to wear your garments under a see through blouse do not be drunk
There is a 60+ year old woman who dances in a Batman costume during the Bellagio Fountain show
Nicki Minaj is like popular
4 transvestites are better than 2
When you are pregnant you are always hungry and you crave wasabi peas
Love fits in a box....for $30....and contains an obstetrical towelette
3 days with bestie and laughter is pretty much awesome

And then.....


I cried when she came out, I stopped breathing through like 17 songs, I screamed and yelled and jumped up and down. And baby loved every minute of it. Even if baby is a boy.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Baby's first concert



But first

And the all you can eat seafood buffet.

We are k-lassy.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011


I have a love/hate relationship with country music.

I was raised on it. I learned to sing to it. I sang in country bands. I did Nashville Star.

But around the time Garth Brooks came started to fizzle.

He ruined it.

After him came the parade of pop country.


I prefer my country raw.

Johnny (even before the movie)

And AND my dream dream dream meet is Reba McEntire. I love that woman.

Now do not get me wrong, I do like some contemporary country....

Big & Rich
Miranda (love along with the Annies)
Allison K
Lee Ann W

And some off the beaten path

Allison M

Country and I...we have a complicated relationship. 

But baby will know the good parts.....and probably love Taylor Swift (nightmare)

Monday, June 20, 2011


I am pregnant.

15 weeks and 2 days to be exact.

 There has been so much I have wanted to blog about.

But had to keep it quiet so we could surprise my dad for Fathers Day.

So get ready for six months of pregnancy blog posts.

Especially one where I tell you that the picture posted above is AWFUL as is the blocks across the belly and hands in the shapes of hearts on the tummy. NO.

And maybe one where I tell you that instead of crying or being angry my emotions have turned into thinking everyone hates me and I am a terrible person.

Or one where I tell you that if you get pregnant get Hudson maternity jeans because designer is the only way to go at all times.

Or one on the CRAZY foods I have craved.

Just get ready.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Ladies who lunch

I am leaving today and needed a mani/pedi.

So I asked a couple of my friends in the neighborhood to go.

We had fab pedi's, girl talk, fab mani's, girl talk.

Then we went to Kneaders for fab lunch.

I need to quit my job so I can do this everyday.

I also need to find a bag of money.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011


This weekend I embark on an adventure. An adventure my bestie knew before anyone.

It made me think (all with tears in my eyes).

My bestie.

Everyone should have a bestie like mine. 

There is not a better one.

We are not perfect and we do not pretend to be.

But I always know...

She is my bestie.

We have other friends and our own lives but...

we know each others pins and where our secret keys are hidden
when something happens we cannot wait for the other to know
we know each others weaknesses
we know each others strengths
we check in every day even a short text that says "you good?"
we have the same taste in appetizers, beverages, stores, movies, and tv

My bestie has been with me through

100 hours at the bountiful food pantry
and all other adventures

All I am saying is my bestie is the best

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Dreaming soon....

and then...

a surprise.

Monday, June 13, 2011

New Music

Before I start a little story.

I am pretty opinionated...shocker.

I have made some great new friends in my neighborhood, one whose name is Kim.

Kim is NEVER afraid to challenge my strong opinions or call me out for trying to state I was to good for the bachelor (I am fact that is a step up from what I watch).

I like this. Bestie does it too. 

For instance most people just listen in silence as I dictate what music is good or bad. 

Not Kim.

Now if you know me you know I love Miranda Lambert. And when I stated this to Kim after telling her Taylor Swift sucked she said "well I do not like Miranda she seems like a brat so no I don't like her" 


Why the story? Because Miranda started a new band with two other girls called Pistol Annies. And their new single is awesome. And I thought...Kim likes country music I should tell her...wait what if Kim tried to tell me that a new Taylor Swift song was really good....yeah I am not going to tell her about this.

Let it be known though...Kim and I agree on the important stuff like Beyonce and Oprah.

PS - Go check them out and buy the single....I turn off my lights and listen to this a million times

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Summer Find

So summer is FINALLY upon us.

And in honor, I bought these cute summer mary janes form Urban.

The price was perfect (2 for $24) and they are HEAVEN on your feet.

Seriously the most comfortable little summer shoe. 

And perfect for me who needs a manicure and needed a change up from the Toms I was wearing everyday.


Thursday, June 9, 2011

The Music Chain

Today as I did my work I thought...I want to hear "Take on Me" by A-ha.

So I went to You Tube, searched and found the song.

I then looked at the suggested songs and clicked on Eddie Money.

Then I thought...I wonder how long it would take me to get to Beyonce if I only clicked on suggested videos and only the ones I liked or wanted to hear.


Check it.

a-ha - take on me
eddie money - take me home tonight
eddie money - two tickets to paradise
asia - heat of the moment
real life - send me an angel
scorpions - send me an angel
scorpions - no one like you
deep purple - smoke on the water
guns n roses - november rain
cinderella - nobody's fool
britny fox - girlschool
warrent - cherry pie
night ranger - sister christian
alice cooper - poison
britney spears - hold it against me
katy perry - fireworks
katy perry - e.t.
jessie j - price tag
adele - rollin in the deep
rhianna - only girl
enrique inglesias - i like it
rhianna - man down 

and that is what I do at work.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Guilty Pleasure

So last night I downloaded a game app for my new white iPhone....

The game was called like Robot Unicorn Adventure Land Time or something

As you play this game this song plays.


I am not a big Erasure at all....but this song.

I know every word. 

And the video....I mean he is combing her hair....and she is letting him.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Summer Book Club

I want to start a summer book club...who is in?

We can meet at my house and have cucumber sandwiches and lemonade and talk about books.

The first book will be The Help.

I have already read it so catch up.

This book...soooo great, read it in three days so....yeah good.

I mean really good.

Next month is Breaking Dawn so we can get ready for the movie!!!!!! 

We will also be discussing sarcasm.....and this conversation:

Holly - There is this laser hair treatment that removes hair from the outside of peoples noses, who has hair on the outside of their nose so bad it needs to be laser removed?

Jen - Stephanie Meyers mom club....any takers?