Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Dream Job

Today I met with a client

Scott Lazerson

Scott is, well, fabulous.

I could go into all he does, but I will wait to link to the amazing site we are building for him.

But in a phrase...

He connects people.

His Blackberry is filled with people I die to meet. Like this morning he was on the phone with the Duchess of York.

About half way through our meeting he looked at me and asked..."what is your dream job?"

It took me off guard...I had stopped thinking of such things.

But.....the thought of a dream job....a delicious dream job where I did EXACTLY what I wanted.

My answers?

Country singer (old school not Taylor Swift)
Client Manager/Project Manager for a place where I work in the pop culture field. You know PR but not PR.  Well maybe PR. Honestly I don't know what that is called but I want to do it. 

I mean...I would LOVE that. 

So tell me...what is your dream job?

And follow Scott on Twitter.

And when Scott gets HUGE...I will apply for his client manager position.


robin said...

it would have something to do with old stuff. have you ever seen "american pickers" on history channel? that would be my dream job.

or have a store. with aubry.

aubry. said...

Today I hosted congressman matheson in a ribbon cutting for our 1300 east project. Translation: arranged cookies in a tray and put myself on my best behavior while he spoke at the podium. Dog and pony show, for sure. I would have traded you in a minute.

Hey, Scott - my dream job has everything to do with PR and celebs AND my bestie Jen. Cranky, road raged people are probably good practice for famous people.....

Scott said...

Today's meeting with you was one of those "I love my life" moments!
You are a rockstar -- my newest, favorite TMZ-loving tech-savvy BFF!
Expect many "Hi's" at 2am when I am hanging with Lindsay, James, Brad & Angie!
Get ready for a fun, celeb-filled ride!
And I will make sure there is always a spot at the lunch trailer on the set of Desperate Housewives!