Thursday, June 30, 2011

Walk of Shame

So back in the day....a walk of shame meant...

Well, leaving "someones" house early in the morning after a night of "stuff". 

You leave in the same clothes you had on the night before.


New walk of shame.

That is the drive-thru at McDonalds during the breakfast rush.

Baby LOVES McDonalds breakfast and this time in line has made me laugh more than once.

We all know we can hear each others orders
We all know that is is unhealthy
We don't make eye contact with anyone
Just pay our bill and on our way to eat our shame in the car

My favorite was the one lone lady in her care who ordered a #9 with two extra hash browns and a large Coke. And she yelled it so loud, unlike us regulars who try to give our orders as hush hush as possible. 

Good job empowered woman. You scream that order with no shame.

One day I will learn from you.


Kim Millard said...

Guess where I'm going tomorrow morning...and you made me want to yell my order of a sausage egg and cheese, hash brown and large diet coke.

robin said...

when sawyer was a fetus he really loved the 2 for $3 egg mcmuffin special they had going on.

a lot.

and i love your description of the drive-thru shame. i understand.

wilkinson family said...

That is so funny...when I was pregnant with Ben after work I lived at the McDonalds at 32nd and Indian was all about the cheeseburgers!