Saturday, April 30, 2011

Listen Up World

In exactly 15 minutes I will be buying two tickets to the Britney concert in Vegas.

Bestie Aubs and I are going...for one night...just to see her.

I have never missed a tour. 

I mean thankfully she did not tour during July-December of 2007

So on June 25th look for us at the MGM Grand.

Sporting handmade t-shirts and screaming for Miss Spears.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Look the last thing I need is ANOTHER TV show on my DVR.


This show is good.

I cried through the whole thing
*sidenote - things like this make me cry because I want to sing SOOO bad, but my time has past and I get super excited for those who are on the path*

I really liked it. 

And CeeLo Green is funny.

And Adam Levine had never heard "God bless the broken road" and that made me smile. I wish that was my world. A world where I had never heard that song.

So watch it. Even some of my developers watch it.

What is your excuse?

Tuesday, April 26, 2011


I have said this before 

but this time I mean it.

I am D-O-N-E with Glee

I watched it today and was so annoyed. 

I mean EVERY TIME  I see Will Schuester I want to punch him in the face. He is the single worst person on TV....AND I WATCH REALITY

I am not rooting for anybody...I mean I want McKinley to set on fire.

Wait...I take that back...I am rooting for Emma's outfits. Because they are the best part of the show.

I mean I really liked Blaine but now that Kurt is back we probably will not see him as often.

AND ENOUGH with Gwyneth Paltrow.


Perhaps I am getting too old for teen angsty dramas with terrible acting.

A Peak

Inside my makeup bag.

Now I have makeup under my sink...but what is in this bag is what I use everyday.

Dior Concealer
Bobbi Brown Eye Brightener
MAC Studio Fix 
(do not even get me started. I usually use Bobbi Brown pressed powder but got this for the play I was in and I am just using it up. I cannot STAND MAC...except for lipstick of course)
Dior Eyeshadow 
(best I have ever found..and I have tried a LOT of eye shadows)
Dior Kohl Liner
Diorshow Iconic
Diorshow Blackout
Bobbi Brown Blush

Also in that bag I have:

Bobbi Brown Gel Eyeliner
3 Makeup Brushes
Kat Von D Lipstick
(sample from Sephora)

I have another bag full of lipsticks, glosses, and liners. 

But that is for another day.

What is in your makeup bag?

Monday, April 25, 2011

I Am

So Oprah had a guest on the other day.

Yada yada yada....Oprah asks us to ask ourselves who are we?

Funny. Because I was thinking this very question that very day.

I am a girl who, although it may not seem it, is shy and worries about what other people think. I am a girl who thinks most people do not like her and who thinks people tolerate her on most days. I am a girl who OBSESSES about her weight and wishes she did not. I am a girl who does not apologize for her opinions but wishes she was not so vocal about them. I am a girl who knows the Atonement personally and has used it to it's fullest capabilities. I am a girl who loves her friends and family. I am a girl who fully recognizes the power of a good bestie. I am a girl who is a workaholic and does not know how to stop. I am a girl who wants to be better but always falls short. I am the girl who wants to be confident and yet  never is. I am the girl who worries that people do not want to be around her. I am the girl with a past. 

I step back and read that and think....huh....but wait....

I am also funny...I think
I have a good heart...I hope
I have an eye for fashion
I have an ear for music
I love people....flaws and all

So I mean I don't know what all that means. I think it means that I need to move out of my house and buy two trailers in Malibu.

Winner Winner

The winner of the Sephora gift card is Jen Rose.

New follower.

Jen, email me at sweetjdp@gmail{dot}com and we will work out the deets.


Friday, April 22, 2011

My Wiki

This is my personal Wiki.

Anytime I need to know anything hip about:

Home Decorating

She has endless resources and countless blogs she follows.

And so today I salute my Wiki.

As I prepare to buy this

In damn near every color.

Thursday, April 21, 2011


On my DVR I watched as James.......sold out




I would rather vote for Scotty than hear a "rocker" sing Muse.


Wednesday, April 20, 2011


This is my new obsession.

The perfect salt scrub.

Perfect fragrance, perfect texture, perfection. 

I use it every other day all over and every night on my hands.

I mean....To Die For.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Ever Wonder

What we do at Thoughtlab?

Monday, April 18, 2011

Sephora Giveaway

The first time I went into a Sephora was in Vegas.

I don't remember much of that trip but I do remember Sephora.

Then they opened one in AZ. HEAVEN.

Then I became a Beauty Insider.

And just last week I was upgraded to VIB (very important beauty insider)

And so to celebrate this momentous occasion I am having a giveaway.

$30 Sephora gift card

You know the drill.

Follow me (or already be a follower)
Blog about my giveaway
Facebook about my giveaway
Tweet about my giveaway
Refer a friend 

The more you do the more you are entered.

Good Luck!!! Winner announced next Monday 4.25.11

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Stand Alone

I stand alone.

I am surrounded by people with siblings...and sometimes...I feel alone. 

I know I have people that love me.

But I will NEVER had a real true sibling. 

I have step-siblings who I love, but I am not really theirs
I have sisters in-law, but I came in a year ago and they did not choose me Ed did
I have cousins, but they have siblings that they are closer to
I have my bestie, but even she has siblings

So sometimes...just sometimes I feel alone. 

Friday, April 15, 2011

Could you????

So I found an article about a girl who went from 27 beauty products a day to 2 for 30 days.

She only used bar soap and sunscreen.

I mean she went out, went to work, went to bars and parties. 

Bar soap and sunscreen.


I could not.

I could not give up my daily regiment of:

Body Wash
Shower Lotion for shaving
Salt Scrub
Baby Oil Gel
Eye Brightener
Eye Shadow (3 colors)
Eye Liner
2 Mascarras
Lip Liner
Finishing Lotion
Leave in Conditioner
Face Wash
Shea Body Lotion at night
Lip Gloss

No I could not.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The Worst

Robin had an interesting question on her blog.

"when you think of your senior year what three songs come to mind?"

Well I graduated in 1995 so my senior year was 1994-1995.

The music was AWFUL.

The music of the 90's is awful.

Look I know there were some goodies:

Pearl Jam
Boy Bands

But all in all BAD.

Here is just a SMALL list:

Ricky Martin
Limp Bizkit
Shawn Colvin
Paula Cole
The Cranberries
Eve 6
Blues Traveler
Goo Goo Dolls
Gin Blossoms
Hootie and the Blowfish
Sister Hazel
Savage Garden
Marcy Playground
Matchbox 20
Crash Test Dummies
Shawn Mullins
Duncan Sheik
Seven Mary Three
Better than Ezra
Third Eye Blind
Smash Mouth
The Verve Pipe
The Wallflowers
Sugar Ray

I mean I could LITERALLY go on and on

Terrible...just terrible.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Girls Vaca

So miss came up with a grand plan.

A weekend in St. George in a condo with poolside girl chat and Diet Coke.

The invitation goes out to all her blog followers and we are told to bring friends.

So I extend the invite to you.

Who wants to come to St. George the weekend of May 13th? Click here for details.

Come one come all. It will be fun. 

Leave a comment if you're in....

Also, I would like to extend a SPECIAL invite to Cydney. Who is ALWAYS included and wanted there.

Monday, April 11, 2011


Is magic.

Magic I say.

Alison has the voice of angels.

Seriously when angels sing I expect them to sound like Alison and Jennifer Hudson.

My room smells like this

These are on sale at Hip and Humble for half off.

That is a deal...a steal really.

I chose Concord Grape.

Actually Ed chose Concord Grape...but I approve.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Reason 765,434

I have the best bestie ever.

While in San Diego this weekend, Miss got the PLEASURE of going to Loehmann's.

It is ONE of the happiest places on earth.

There is one in each of our home towns but not here in Utah.

So all day on Friday I was sent pics of fantastic clothes that she was picking out for me. 

And so, I got to go to Loehmann's without leaving Utah.

Best Bestie Ever.

New Find

So I try to drink 8 bottles of water a day.

So there are days when just water gets....well...boring.

I tried those little Crystal Light packets but I got sick of opening them.

PLUS the ones I like were 5 calories a piece. That was 40 calories for nothing. 

BUT the other day at the store I found this baby 

Mio Liquid.

It is the best. No packets and you can decide how much you want.

The flavors are yummy....even when you just squirt them in your mouth because you want to see how it tastes without the water. I mean I am not saying I did that.

I did that.

Thursday, April 7, 2011


I liked Pia too.

She was amazing.

And I am irritated she was voted off before Stefano.

But even before the elimination show I had a blog post in the works about her.


Dear Pia,

I think you are TOTALLY amazing. You sing so effortlessly. You are very talented and beautiful. I just have a few little things to say. 

Pantsuits are ugly and you have now worn them twice. They are not flattering on anyone. Especially Stephanie Zimbalist in that Elvis movie where she was his girlfriend for like years but he never married her and instead married Brody Jenners mom. But I digress. Pantsuits are ugly...stop.

You need to learn how to move on stage. I mean, Scotty...SCOTTY out moved you tonight. You can not let that punk country boy show you up like that. 

Finally, when it is Hall of Fame night DO NOT PICK the ONLY Tina Turner song covered by Celine. I mean did you even KNOW that was an Ike and Tina song? And did you know that it was co-written by Phil Spector...who killed a girl? Or were you just looking through the list for anything....ANYTHING Celine has covered. This is the second time you have done this. Stop it.

That is all. Oh and can you tell Paul McDonald that every hipster from Cali to Nashville has been in a band and covered Folsom Prison Blues. And what the world does NOT need now is another unoriginal hipster.

Thank you and Good Luck,


So there you have it.

Sorry you went home Pia...if only I had written this letter sooner.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Breath Deep

I have had a LIFE. Let me tell you, my life has not been boring.

Because of choices made by me and by other people I have had pains, I have been hurt.


There were two incidents in particular that made me so angry. That I felt justified holding onto.

I had been hurt, wronged. 
I had lost time, energy.
And been broken physically and emotionally.

I had been told "get over it".

I refused.

It was my right to harbor ill will
It was my right to rehash and stand stagnant in anger
It was my right to hate

I eventually realized that all that was within me, all the anger, was doing nothing.
All I was doing was trying to prove to others my point.
I was unable to move on.

I finally let go of my pride.
I let go of the anger.

Sometimes I find that creeping in again. 
I breath deep and remember I am happy so there is no need to re-hash. 
No need to prove my point.
My point has been made.

I am happy.

Thanks for the Good Times

So sad to see you go.

You are a great man of dignity and honor and TV will be lost without you.

Oh and April Fools.

The only reason I am sad about this is because now, you will no longer give Colbert funny material.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011


So I think Rachel Bilson is beautiful.

Like classic, timeless, flawless beauty. 

I was reading in InStyle today, she has a little fashion column.....

and it is good.

And I was reminded how she is under-appreciated.

Because she really is beautiful and stylish

But then again she dated the boy who ruined Star Wars so perhaps she is not that great.


Winters in Utah are hard.

It friggin snows until like August.

But today I looked at a calendar ahead of me with joy...

I think I can get through the rest of winter with thoughts of:

Saturdays with Bestie
Surprises up my sleeve
Birthday parties
Dates with other couples ( I have not asked any yet but it is my goal so...)
Girls camp
The beach
Katy Perry
The Lep

I mean...I can get through winter right?

Monday, April 4, 2011


I have found the perfect cupcake.

This is not a joke.


And those that know me know that I am a cupcake snob.

When Ed and I checked into our hotel this weekend there was a box of two cupcakes.

Red Velvet
Chocolate Ganache

The next day we went back for

2 Red Velvet
Blueberry Lemonade
Cinnamon and Sugar

They were ALL delicious. Everyone.

So now I will driving from Bountiful to Logan once a month. I am hooked.

Next time I will bring you one.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Concert T-Shirt Friday


My three favorite 'Back songs:

Photograph (brings me to tears every time)
Never Gonna Be Alone (Ed and I danced to this on the side of the road...romantic)
Something in your Mouth

So there you go kids. 

Happy Friday

Oh and......April Fools