Thursday, April 7, 2011


I liked Pia too.

She was amazing.

And I am irritated she was voted off before Stefano.

But even before the elimination show I had a blog post in the works about her.


Dear Pia,

I think you are TOTALLY amazing. You sing so effortlessly. You are very talented and beautiful. I just have a few little things to say. 

Pantsuits are ugly and you have now worn them twice. They are not flattering on anyone. Especially Stephanie Zimbalist in that Elvis movie where she was his girlfriend for like years but he never married her and instead married Brody Jenners mom. But I digress. Pantsuits are ugly...stop.

You need to learn how to move on stage. I mean, Scotty...SCOTTY out moved you tonight. You can not let that punk country boy show you up like that. 

Finally, when it is Hall of Fame night DO NOT PICK the ONLY Tina Turner song covered by Celine. I mean did you even KNOW that was an Ike and Tina song? And did you know that it was co-written by Phil Spector...who killed a girl? Or were you just looking through the list for anything....ANYTHING Celine has covered. This is the second time you have done this. Stop it.

That is all. Oh and can you tell Paul McDonald that every hipster from Cali to Nashville has been in a band and covered Folsom Prison Blues. And what the world does NOT need now is another unoriginal hipster.

Thank you and Good Luck,


So there you have it.

Sorry you went home Pia...if only I had written this letter sooner.


Kim Millard said...

Two thumbs up! Mile and I have said the exact same things about her. Terrible fashion sense and she is boring, but the girl can sing. Sad to see her go but everyone did great this week.

Shooting Star said...

I do not watch American Idol so I am not familiar with the pantsuits but I know that if I were up there you would be ripping me apart! You know a lot about your music girl! I would be the bimbo up there picking whatever song I thought might get me some votes.

robin said...

oh, pia.

i was never excited about her and i never really liked the way she always sang her big notes with her head tilted to the side and her microphone held up at the same angle EvErY time.

and i like paul mcdonald. but this is not the first time we have disagreed about music and it won't be the last. and i am far from a hipster... i wear my pj pants and robe all day.