Saturday, April 9, 2011

New Find

So I try to drink 8 bottles of water a day.

So there are days when just water gets....well...boring.

I tried those little Crystal Light packets but I got sick of opening them.

PLUS the ones I like were 5 calories a piece. That was 40 calories for nothing. 

BUT the other day at the store I found this baby 

Mio Liquid.

It is the best. No packets and you can decide how much you want.

The flavors are yummy....even when you just squirt them in your mouth because you want to see how it tastes without the water. I mean I am not saying I did that.

I did that.


Jalene said...

i saw a commercial for those! they look cool!

prcessmag said...

I just saw those at Dicks...I was wondering how they were and thought about getting it, but then I was afraid it would taste gross, so now I know they are not I think I will try it! :)

robin said...

i just saw a commercial for those, too! are they better than diet coke? because i'm not ready to give up diet coke for water yet...