Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Breath Deep

I have had a LIFE. Let me tell you, my life has not been boring.

Because of choices made by me and by other people I have had pains, I have been hurt.


There were two incidents in particular that made me so angry. That I felt justified holding onto.

I had been hurt, wronged. 
I had lost time, energy.
And been broken physically and emotionally.

I had been told "get over it".

I refused.

It was my right to harbor ill will
It was my right to rehash and stand stagnant in anger
It was my right to hate

I eventually realized that all that was within me, all the anger, was doing nothing.
All I was doing was trying to prove to others my point.
I was unable to move on.

I finally let go of my pride.
I let go of the anger.

Sometimes I find that creeping in again. 
I breath deep and remember I am happy so there is no need to re-hash. 
No need to prove my point.
My point has been made.

I am happy.


Melwel said...

Where do I get a copy of the sign...Breathe Deep? Love it, especially when I am in Jail.....?!?

David said...

But don't look back in anger...I heard you say...At least not today.

Anonymous said...

Actions speak louder than words.

prcessmag said...

Wow...thanks, I need so bad right now, you don't even know!!! It's the hardest thing, but i do have to remind myself often that anger, resentment, guilt, etc all are feelings that Satan loves for me to feel...So I need to not give him that satisfaction, because he is not good to me!

MissBlog said...

So relatable!

Cami said...

You're amazing Jen! Many don't even make the time to Breathe Deep.

brooke said...

how did you know i needed this?!
SO needed this.
well actually, i don't need this for me, but i needed this to remind myself and have faith that people can forgive.
i hope and pray that the individual i wronged will be as brave as you.
thank you.