Monday, September 29, 2008

Favorite Friday (Monday) - Disneyland

Anyone who knows me AT ALL knows this about me. I love this place. I am reminded of this anytime I am having a bad day. Because when I am having a bad day I think the same phrases over in my mind "Why not? I am funny and smart and cute and stuff?", "I need a Diet Coke", and "I wish I was at Disneyland". This place is truly magical to me. In fact I do not think I could ever get sick of it even if I was there everyday for 18 months in a blue dress and a hot and heavy blonde wig know. All of my "dreams" play out here. I want to be proposed to in front of Sleeping Beauty's castle while the fireworks are going off, I want to honeymoon here, I have thrown a tons of coins in the wishing well for the Chargers and perfection to me is being able to take my kids the first time and see their face(s) light up when they see a princess (because I am having girls....Rebecca Bennion scared me). I know where every Churro stand is, the best times to ride the rides and the best restaurants. I cry when I walk onto Main Street EVERY TIME. I honestly believe you have not been to Disneyland until you have been with me. So on this Monday of all Monday's...I salute you Disneyland. You truly are "the happiest place on earth".....OK except ComiCon 2009 where it is rumored ALL of the Buffy cast will be doing a panel. Hey I bet I could do ComiCon and Disneyland all in one magnificent fail swoop!!!!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008 the Chargers

Phil Rivers
........that is all

Friday, September 19, 2008

How cupcakes prove I will make a fantastic wife.

OK they really don't but it was a good try. But BUT I did make cupcakes. That is right folks....Jen baked. Granted it took a birthday party for Mae to make this happen but it happend just the same. BFF and I decided it needed to be documented. So below is my attempt to bring back the domestic skills I lost January 14th, 2006. All applications to be my husband are now being taken.

Yummy Vanilla Cupcakes

Perfect Portions

Perfection Into The Oven

Cutest Baking Outfit EVER

"you make me so hot, you make me wanna drop, you're so ridiculous"......sorry Avril just gets in my head and will not get out.

Jen - "Take a picture of me with the box"

BFF - "Ummm do you know what that box says"

Jen - "What?"

Ummmm.......what the......

I Just Wanted To Make Cupcakes (going into fetal position)




Favorite Friday - Pandora

I am pretty sure that Pandora was created by the music god's just for me. Seriously, Pandora is what gets me through my workday. I have close to 789 stations on Pandora. OK, I only have like 12 but WOW. I created an Oasis station that not only plays Oasis but U2, Sting, Foo, and so many others. I created a Poison station that plays my boy Brett along with Def, GNR, the Crue, and Tesla. I created a Britney Spears station that plays...well....umm...huh....that is a little embarrassing.

Pandora has got me in touch with my R&B roots via my JoJo station and made me smile with my Allison Moorer station. I even created a Duffy/Metallica/GNR/Rhianna/Iron Maiden/Kelly Willis station. IT IS AWESOME!!!! Oh and what of bands that are not that well known....NO WORRIES!!!! I have a Peacemakers station. My favorite station.....easy The Who/RCPM/Social D. That station R-OCKS.
So hats off to Pandora.....and now I am going to go jam to "Rock the Boat" by Aaliyah.....never really listened to the words before...probably should have.....

Tuesday, September 16, 2008


I lost a bet. A pretty big one. The pay off on this one is worse than money, concert tickets, or any amount of flesh. You see that hat....that dear blog readers is a Broncos hat. Why am wearing it? Because the Broncos beat the Chargers on Sunday. As some know my dad is a Broncos fan. He has been waiting for this day because the Chargers have spanked his little team for like three years in a row. But Sunday he had his revenge when the Broncos eeked a win in the last seconds. I wish I could say that it was skill on the Broncos part but anyone who watched the game knows differently. Anyway.......I have included some "Chargers Suck" stuff so that this blog will count as payment. But before that...........BRONCOS RULE........(I just threw up).

Thanks to Ed Parker who KEPT SENDING STUFF TO ME TO MAKE THIS EVEN HARDER......stupid.

All in all though....even Barry knows who is the better team..........

Is that a ladies Chargers hat????????

New Hair

Free Dinner



Ashlee Simpson


8 Inches

Slight Breakdown

A Very Merry Un-Birthday......or a Very Merry Birthday...or something

So my half birthday was September 8th. To celebrate my "second family" threw me a little bash. It was actually thrown for one reason and one reason only....but as things usually fell through. But it was fun just the same. Mamma Russell cooked some steaks and mashed potatoes with plenty of gravy. Then the best part.......FRUIT PIZZA!!!! Oh and some cookies from Parson's (were they from Parson's? I am still confused). Who am I kidding the gravy was the best part.

As an added bonus Lil' Kel' came home just for me (whatever that is how it happened in my mind). She came skipping into my little party dressed in her Alice in Wonderland dress singing "A Very Merry Un-Birthday". It brought tears to my eyes. The night ended with a serenade of "Dock of the bay" and a copy of the "Grapes of Wrath". Oh and Princess pics.....notice Lil' Kel's perfect form. She had a good teacher though....yeah yeah I know I have never been a princess...ha ha.....fine perfect Alice form.

Then September 11 rolled around and so did our favorite Canadians birthday. And the knowledge that a frosty does not count as a gift. Anyway....September 13 (I wish we had a name) got together for dinner at Biaggis and some "Corner Gas". It was fun as always......a few awkward moments (Levi, balloons, Ed's seductive face) but what would a night out with the Scooby Gang (look it is from Buffy and I am trying new ones out) be without moments of complete Hi-larity.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Favorite Friday - Diet Coke

Ummm anyone who knows me.....knows that this is the best way to start off Favorite Friday. I am RARELY seen without one in my hand. You may think that is an exaggeration....but let me assure you it is not. I started drinking Diet Coke in college and never looked back. Today I have at least 3 cans a day and if I run out BFF has been known to go to the store bright and early to make sure she does not have to deal with me without it. Diet Coke is the equivalent of a baggie full of Cheerios for a fussy two year old...just give me a can and everything will be OK. It is payment at work, it is comfort at family reunions and it is something that ties me to my grandma.....because we are pretty sure she will be buried with a six pack. I am a purist....I like ONLY regular Diet Coke, none of this mamby pamby lemon and lime stuff. Just Diet Coke straight up out of a can. No muss no fuss. At a restaurant if I ask for a Diet Coke and they ask if Pepsi is OK I say it is if they will call it Diet Coke. And yeah I know....I have been sent the link for Diet Coke addicts and how to recover....but seeing as this is the worst thing I am addicted to...can anyone complain?
So for this Friday....Huzzah Diet acquired taste.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

My knowledge gives you chills.........

Or the Chargers do. Seriously........How hard can my heart break. First.....the loss against the the last seconds......buh. I mean I am completely still and forever will be loyal to my boys but ummmm.....WHERE WAS ERIC WEDDLE? Or WHAT HAPPENED TO ANTONIO GATES? Or WHERE ARE ALL MY CARBS BECAUSE I AM READY TO BINGE AFTER THIS LOSS.

On one good note Phil Rivers did not look too bad nor did my L.T., even with a jammed toe. Oh and BFF now has gotten a glimpse into football season. I do not think anyone really believed how passionate I am about this sport. But leave it to BFF to tell me that no one wants someone who is perfect.....we want someone with I should be happy with my imperfect team just as I would be happy with an imperfect friend or spouse. Have I mentioned I love my BFF?

Then......THEN....I learn today that Shawne Merriman WILL undergo knee surgery and will be out for the season. This Chargers fans is my fault. On Sunday I was texting a friend and I believe I said something like "I am hoping one knee will be blown and one knee will hold". So as we all know Tommy "baby" Brady is out for the season. He is done folks. Kiss the Pats bye bye. I celebrated. I did a little dance. I will admit I did the jig (or reel) of a lifetime. I shook it right at my desk at work. Because of that I received what some like to call Karma. And now here it is. I believe I have received some serious Karma in the way of this new information. And to top it off some ridiculous power ranking has the Chargers at 13th.

So goes the first week of the NFL. I know that my boys will
come back. Not even a little worried. Dallas should enjoy their time on top. It will not last long.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Squeeze, Cluck, and Spank

I consider my life full of experiences. Lessons if you will. Things I learn to get me to the next phase of my life. I am grateful for all these "lessons". I have learned things like....don't get married unless you are in love, don't stick around when someone is hurting you, when someone tells you you will not get hurt crowd surfing don't believe them, and a string can pluck your eyebrows.

This past weekend I learned HUGE life lessons. Ed Parker, Auby (Miss Aubsy, Aubs, A, Aubry) and I went to a horse show to support our friend Matt(y). Who knew that you could learn sooo much from 7 hours with horses? Well I feel selfish keeping all this wisdom to myself. So I impart bits and pieces of this wisdom.

#1 - Sometimes to get the perfect "souvenir" you have to go look "in the yard" or wait until someone gets back from the grocery store.

#2 - Even when you think someone is not looking they are. Oh also you know be modest.

#3 - Ostrich Queen (sometimes car rides home can be illuminating)

#4 - Sometimes setting the timer on a camera works...............................

#5 -............ Sometimes it doesn't unless it is an album cover from 1989 (nice trivia)

#6 - In order to be a true cowboy you have to grow a manly moustache (just ask Barry Platts)

#7 - Rub...................

#8 - ......Scratch...........

#9 - ........hell freezing over (lesson shows are magical or Big Mac was flirting with Auby)

#10 - Brushing a horses tail will not get you kicked in the head BUT.... BUH BUH BUH

#11 - I know the lesson in this one could be you know "watch where you back your horse" but I chose "anywhere Jen goes she can find a dog to hold"

#12 - Auby will, at times, do things she does not want to do.

#13 - To get things to happen in life you just need a slow even squeeze

#14 - To get over major fears...."just get back on the horse"

#15 - Or get off the horse...that is a lesson all in itself

#16 - Don't wear $175 jeans to a horse show

#17 - Sometimes when you have the best steaks run out (I mean for hells sake it is Fillmore go kill a cow. In fact I bet Zac Efron's dad has cows. How else do you afford a Camero?)

#18 - I know no one has seen "Beerfest" (unless we are counting that as Auby's dating life) so this lesson is lost on everyone

#19 - Cowboys and Chargers CAN get along (ha ha get it? I laughed for like an hour)

#20 - Every event must have the token Alice and Auby pic

#21 - Put a cowboy hat on ANYONE and they instantly become a Bad A (notice the toothpick)

#22 - That my friends is the Salt Lake County Sheriffs Posse. Don't go to jail.

#24 - Look at the camera when someone tells you to! SHEESH!!

#25 - Get your own University of Utah sweatshirt (again notice the toothpick...classic)

#26 - Sometimes the cutest couples are very unconventional ("which one of you like Matt?"....."Ummm that would be Ed")

#27 - Every arena needs a Zamboni

#28 - When you are taking pictures of the AWESOME riding skills of your friend Matt(y) you need a better camera.

#29 - Ok so you know when you go to Disneyland and you see people wearing the same shirts that are like bright orange and they say something like "Johnson Family Reunion 1985"? You know they wear them so they do not get lost and they can easily be spotted? Well at a horse show they do the same thing but with Camo.

#30 - 'Nam injuries can be a pain. What a trooper Cowboy Ed was.

#31 - Jen will do anything for a dollar......except anything she does not want to do

Great Job Matt(y)!!!!! It was super fun!!!! Now I need to find some peanut butter bars.