Tuesday, September 16, 2008

A Very Merry Un-Birthday......or a Very Merry Birthday...or something

So my half birthday was September 8th. To celebrate my "second family" threw me a little bash. It was actually thrown for one reason and one reason only....but as things usually do...it fell through. But it was fun just the same. Mamma Russell cooked some steaks and mashed potatoes with plenty of gravy. Then the best part.......FRUIT PIZZA!!!! Oh and some cookies from Parson's (were they from Parson's? I am still confused). Who am I kidding the gravy was the best part.

As an added bonus Lil' Kel' came home just for me (whatever that is how it happened in my mind). She came skipping into my little party dressed in her Alice in Wonderland dress singing "A Very Merry Un-Birthday". It brought tears to my eyes. The night ended with a serenade of "Dock of the bay" and a copy of the "Grapes of Wrath". Oh and Princess pics.....notice Lil' Kel's perfect form. She had a good teacher though....yeah yeah I know I have never been a princess...ha ha.....fine perfect Alice form.

Then September 11 rolled around and so did our favorite Canadians birthday. And the knowledge that a frosty does not count as a gift. Anyway....September 13 the....ummm....group? (I wish we had a name) got together for dinner at Biaggis and some "Corner Gas". It was fun as always......a few awkward moments (Levi, balloons, Ed's seductive face) but what would a night out with the Scooby Gang (look it is from Buffy and I am trying new ones out) be without moments of complete Hi-larity.

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