Tuesday, September 16, 2008


I lost a bet. A pretty big one. The pay off on this one is worse than money, concert tickets, or any amount of flesh. You see that hat....that dear blog readers is a Broncos hat. Why am wearing it? Because the Broncos beat the Chargers on Sunday. As some know my dad is a Broncos fan. He has been waiting for this day because the Chargers have spanked his little team for like three years in a row. But Sunday he had his revenge when the Broncos eeked a win in the last seconds. I wish I could say that it was skill on the Broncos part but anyone who watched the game knows differently. Anyway.......I have included some "Chargers Suck" stuff so that this blog will count as payment. But before that...........BRONCOS RULE........(I just threw up).

Thanks to Ed Parker who KEPT SENDING STUFF TO ME TO MAKE THIS EVEN HARDER......stupid.

All in all though....even Barry knows who is the better team..........

Is that a ladies Chargers hat????????

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Barry said...

Sorry for the attire. I visited the Chargers website site seeking something appropriate and the only thing they offered was a women's hat and a ballerina suit. The hat was new and the ballerina suit had been worn by the off season Chargers, so I purchased the hat.