Thursday, September 4, 2008

Miss Aubsy, Alice and Red do Wyoming. Really? Yep Wyoming.

Act One

Scene One

(fade in on miss aubsy, red, and alice in sunday school. alice is sitting next to ben. miss aubsy has just been told and alice is still bleeding from being accosted in sacrament meeting. all three you know are thinking about obama love him or hate him.)

Miss Aubsy - So game night tonight?
Alice - Hmmm yes yes.....I need to work it with you know who......
Miss Aubsy - Yes, Yes
Red - Alice pull your skirt down
(Alice retrieves the "Floozy Coozy" from Red to cover up)
Alice - OK so game night...I will call you
Miss Aubsy - OK...oh and I am sorry for racism in all the world
(fade out)
Scene Two
(fade in red and alice are driving home from church)
Alice - BUH I need a Diet Coke
Red - Be patient little girl
Alice - Hey umm you know what if we went to Wyoming?
Red- When?
Alice - Like right now
Red - Ummm...ok....yeah...ok.....we should also call Miss Aubsy
Alice - Word
(red and alice arrive home and alice calls aubsy)
(ring, ring, ring, ring)
Aubsy - Hello?
Alice - We are going to Wyoming
Aubsy - When
Alice - Now
Aubsy - On it.
(miss aubsy arrives at casa awesome....what we can call our apartment that)
Alice - WYOMING!!!!!
Miss Aubsy - WYOMING!!!!!
(miss aubsy, alice, and red are on the road. talks of boys, families, and how wyoming is so much better than canada ensue)
(fade out)
Act Two
Scene One
(fade in at the wyoming border)
Alice - We should take a picture outside this fireworks store
Miss Aubsy - We should jump
Red - I should set the timer so it looks totally awesome
(authors note: it never really did)
Alice - We should take a picture in front of this sign
Miss Aubsy - We should all get close so we can all be in it
Red - I should hold the camera so that it will look totally awesome
(authors note: It never really did)
Alice - I am sad...I am feeling lost and alone
Miss Aubsy - Yes...I am as well. Even my homosexual friend who is nice to everyone can not cheer me up
Red - I am sad too....all my cheese is melted
Alice - I wish someone would give me a sign.....a small glimmer of hope.........

(authors note: Thank you creepy trucker man)

Alice - Hey....where is my Diet Coke?

Red - Umm I think we threw it away at the last stop

Alice - Stop the car

Alice - Ok so this is Ft. Bridger. It is a pretty small town not many people and what in the hell are all the tee-pee's about.

Miss Aubsy - Ummm that girl is wearing nothing but a buck-skin mini dress.

Red - So are you allowed to just carry around a bow and arrow?

Alice - Wait here is a sign....."Rendezvous every Labor Day Weekend"......oh we are so coming to this next year

Miss Aubsy - Already in the calender

(fade out)

Scene Two

(fade in miss aubsy, red, and alice all arrive safe at granny and gramps house. granny has pulled out EVERY ugly picture she has of alice INCLUDING ones with bangs AND short hair)

Red - You really have gotten prettier as you have gotten older

Alice - Thanks?

Miss Aubsy - I am just going to hold onto this makes me feel safe.

(fade out)

(fade in on miss aubsy, alice, and red meeting jens family, miss aubsy getting her neck pulled on and everybody impressed with how cute and creative my cousins are....we will definitely be back)

The End

Oh and Miss Aubsy drove home in a storm...she was brave....good job miss.

Wyoming....soup to nuts.

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sarah davies said...

Yep, I def liked Wyoming and hanging with your fam.