Friday, September 19, 2008

How cupcakes prove I will make a fantastic wife.

OK they really don't but it was a good try. But BUT I did make cupcakes. That is right folks....Jen baked. Granted it took a birthday party for Mae to make this happen but it happend just the same. BFF and I decided it needed to be documented. So below is my attempt to bring back the domestic skills I lost January 14th, 2006. All applications to be my husband are now being taken.

Yummy Vanilla Cupcakes

Perfect Portions

Perfection Into The Oven

Cutest Baking Outfit EVER

"you make me so hot, you make me wanna drop, you're so ridiculous"......sorry Avril just gets in my head and will not get out.

Jen - "Take a picture of me with the box"

BFF - "Ummm do you know what that box says"

Jen - "What?"

Ummmm.......what the......

I Just Wanted To Make Cupcakes (going into fetal position)




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