Friday, September 12, 2008

Favorite Friday - Diet Coke

Ummm anyone who knows me.....knows that this is the best way to start off Favorite Friday. I am RARELY seen without one in my hand. You may think that is an exaggeration....but let me assure you it is not. I started drinking Diet Coke in college and never looked back. Today I have at least 3 cans a day and if I run out BFF has been known to go to the store bright and early to make sure she does not have to deal with me without it. Diet Coke is the equivalent of a baggie full of Cheerios for a fussy two year old...just give me a can and everything will be OK. It is payment at work, it is comfort at family reunions and it is something that ties me to my grandma.....because we are pretty sure she will be buried with a six pack. I am a purist....I like ONLY regular Diet Coke, none of this mamby pamby lemon and lime stuff. Just Diet Coke straight up out of a can. No muss no fuss. At a restaurant if I ask for a Diet Coke and they ask if Pepsi is OK I say it is if they will call it Diet Coke. And yeah I know....I have been sent the link for Diet Coke addicts and how to recover....but seeing as this is the worst thing I am addicted to...can anyone complain?
So for this Friday....Huzzah Diet acquired taste.

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Barry said...

Hey cutie pie!!!!! You had better update your blog or I'm gonna haf ta send da boys ova to pay ya a visit!! Remember to log on to or at least click on the link Lvya