Thursday, April 23, 2009

Favorite Friday - Allison Moorer

So here she is. I keep this girl close to my heart. Like, I want people to listen to her...but she is my little secret. Allison. The voice on this girl is the best I have ever heard. I own every album. I know every lyric. Not only is she a singer she is the BEST female songwriter ever. I have been a fan since her first single and I never looked back.

Her story is extraordinary. She grew up with her sister, Shelby Lynne, in a house with an alcoholic father. When she was young her father killed her mother and himself in front of them both. She went to Nashville after her sister had made it. She had sights of being a backup singer but her voice could not be kept in the background. She has even been nominated for an Oscar.

She is amazing, down to earth, and her voice makes me want to make out with whoever is next to me.

And so Favorite Friday goes to you...Miss Allison Moorer

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Maddicon '09

Things that did not happen this year
  • I did not dress in my Sunday best
  • I did not yell my love of the band Blackhawk
  • I did not freeze certain areas of my body
  • I was not convinced there was was a Japenese Internment Camp in Brigham City

Things that did happen this year

  • Dave finished his steak first
  • Jared sang "Your body is a Wonderland"
  • I somehow became JDP 2.0
  • I found out anything goes as long as your wife is still hot

Can't wait to see what happens next year!!!!

For all the ladies......

This man is single and I will give you all his info if you ask.


Ha Ha Ha the title of this made me laugh soooo hard.

So we had ourselves a little tampon drive. We collected about 250 boxes of tampons for the Bountiful Food Pantry.

They were piled into a Red Audi TT, then a Mazda, then a gaylord.

86 hours.....Lets see if they let you take over miss.

Also, the pic on the upper one at Ace.



Oh Roger I love thee. Anyone who knows me knows that Roger Clyne and the Peacemakers fall at number three on my list of top five bands of all time. So imagine my excitement at seeing them in a tiny club where they played for two hours...did two encores...played "Nada", "Broken Record", and "Dolly".....and where the crowd knew every lyric. It was AMAZING.

HONESTLY....look at how excited I am !!!!

Oh Roger...I just love you...and your sexy sweaty hair.

Seriously LOOK AT HIM.


Luckily I still got to leave with the cutest guy in the bar....And Roger TOUCHED him!!!!

Until next year RCPM...Auby and I will find you a venue, even if it is her backyard.


My Britney Concert Experience
Jennifer D. Platts

Yeah this is the prep work. I was SOOO excited. I jammed for days

Red lips, Auby and Britney...perfection

Memories of a past life

Oh LOOK there is the stage and the show is just about to start..OK let me get ready...Oh there she is...Oh YAY!!!! I am going to take a million pics!!!! Wait, WAIT....MY CAMERA BATTERY IS DEAD!!!! NOOOOOO!!!!! Not now stupid camera (not stupid..lovely).


I love Easter. I mean for the obvious reason of chocolate covered marshmallow bunnies, but you know, also because I pretty much owe my happiness and everything else to my Savior and his atonement. Yeah, I love Easter.

Easter Eggs

Ed's family does an Easter Egg hunt every year. Little plastic eggs hidden around the yard with treats. It made me wish that there were Easter Eggs hidden everywhere in life. You know, like how awesome would it be to be minding your own business one morning, open your door and BAM you find an Easter Egg filled with a Nordy gift card. a perfect world...we would find Easter Eggs.


Sometimes sweet little faces remind me that I like real kids....not just puppies.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Monday To-Do List

Meet new people......check

Take a picture with Ginger......check

Figure out why pedophiles should stay away from Build-A-Bear......check

Make a puppy......check

Find perfect bear for Auby......check

Take picture with Ginger......check,check

Take Phillip home......check

Happy Monday to ME!!!!!

Friday, April 3, 2009

Favorite Friday - Concerts Fools!!!!

It is no real secret that I love live music. Actually I LOVE it. Here are a few of the shows I have coming up.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

April Fools Year

  • The Chargers are going to win the Super Bowl!!!!!
  • You are off!!!!!
  • Pitt is going to make it to the Final Four!!!!!
  • Iron Maiden is going to do a stop in Utah!!!!!
  • Social D is doing a show is AZ!!!!!
  • You can totally do community service here!!!!!
  • I will pay you this week!!!!!
  • Lets go to Big City Soup on Saturday!!!!
  • Oh totally I think that is a great idea I will let them know!!!!!
  • Benjamin Button is great!!!!!
  • The new judge is great and will bring a lot to the show!!!!!
  • You can have it back in October!!!!!
  • You can have it back in April!!!!!
  • The carb diet is totally easy and worth it!!!!!
  • Green Tea Mochi is great!!!!!
  • I am totally laid back!!!!!
  • March 21st Scouting for food!!!!!
  • March 28th Scouting for food!!!!!
  • ABC Cupcakes!!!!!
  • Kath and Kim!!!!!
  • I know I hate that!!!!!
  • I know I love that!!!!!
  • I can hit the eighth floor!!!!!
  • I am never shooting a gun!!!!!
  • He totally liked me!!!!!
  • He totally likes me!!!!!
  • OK I will pay you in a month!!!!!

Happy April Fools