Wednesday, April 1, 2009

April Fools Year

  • The Chargers are going to win the Super Bowl!!!!!
  • You are off!!!!!
  • Pitt is going to make it to the Final Four!!!!!
  • Iron Maiden is going to do a stop in Utah!!!!!
  • Social D is doing a show is AZ!!!!!
  • You can totally do community service here!!!!!
  • I will pay you this week!!!!!
  • Lets go to Big City Soup on Saturday!!!!
  • Oh totally I think that is a great idea I will let them know!!!!!
  • Benjamin Button is great!!!!!
  • The new judge is great and will bring a lot to the show!!!!!
  • You can have it back in October!!!!!
  • You can have it back in April!!!!!
  • The carb diet is totally easy and worth it!!!!!
  • Green Tea Mochi is great!!!!!
  • I am totally laid back!!!!!
  • March 21st Scouting for food!!!!!
  • March 28th Scouting for food!!!!!
  • ABC Cupcakes!!!!!
  • Kath and Kim!!!!!
  • I know I hate that!!!!!
  • I know I love that!!!!!
  • I can hit the eighth floor!!!!!
  • I am never shooting a gun!!!!!
  • He totally liked me!!!!!
  • He totally likes me!!!!!
  • OK I will pay you in a month!!!!!

Happy April Fools


simplysarah said...

You are a funny, funny girl.

aubry. said...

How about this one - seven pounds is the most moving film of the year!!!

David said...

oh I cant wait until I roll around in my 25 bucks