Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Oh Roger Clyne...how I love thee. Anyone who knows me knows that Roger Clyne and the Peacemakers fall at number three on my list of top five bands of all time. So imagine my excitement at seeing them in a tiny club where they played for two hours...did two encores...played "Nada", "Broken Record", and "Dolly".....and where the crowd knew every lyric. It was AMAZING.

HONESTLY....look at how excited I am !!!!

Oh Roger...I just love you...and your sexy sweaty hair.

Seriously LOOK AT HIM.


Luckily I still got to leave with the cutest guy in the bar....And Roger TOUCHED him!!!!

Until next year RCPM...Auby and I will find you a venue, even if it is her backyard.

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aubry. said...

i knew i'd love it. i knew i would. what i didn't know is that i ALREADY loved it.

venue - done and done. my backyard.