Thursday, April 23, 2009

Favorite Friday - Allison Moorer

So here she is. I keep this girl close to my heart. Like, I want people to listen to her...but she is my little secret. Allison. The voice on this girl is the best I have ever heard. I own every album. I know every lyric. Not only is she a singer she is the BEST female songwriter ever. I have been a fan since her first single and I never looked back.

Her story is extraordinary. She grew up with her sister, Shelby Lynne, in a house with an alcoholic father. When she was young her father killed her mother and himself in front of them both. She went to Nashville after her sister had made it. She had sights of being a backup singer but her voice could not be kept in the background. She has even been nominated for an Oscar.

She is amazing, down to earth, and her voice makes me want to make out with whoever is next to me.

And so Favorite Friday goes to you...Miss Allison Moorer

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aubry. said...

miss! why don't you share this stuff with me!?




may 2.