Friday, May 8, 2009

Favorite Friday - 157 Birmingham Lane

Home.....I am home. Fabulous decor, fabulous roommates, and lime green shelves that almost killed me. Intervention Monday, American Idol, THS, and The Hills. Breakfast, shopping,cooking chicken and 100 packets of Ocean Spray. I am at peace here. Plus we are going to paint some furniture.

My heart is full of gratitude for my miss....who generously took me in. She has a good and generous heart. A house and 100 hours of community service....what more could you ask for in a friend. Oh and she makes the best cupcakes in the whole world. Oh and she is my ultimate style consultant. Oh and we both know the importance of putting Sean Preston and Jayden James through college.

So 157 Birmingham Lane and all who reside within, I dedicate this Friday to you...and many more to come.

That silver bowl of fortune cookies is not going to eat itself...get to it


Anonymous said...

What does 80 fortune cookies have to do with this???

aubry. said...

Ed Parker... Trying to be so anonymous. Funny guy.

I love it miss! It IS almost the happiest place on earth.

... And now every one knows where to find us...

David said...

yeah maybe you could have made up an address instead of putting down your real one. Your life not mine. Literally

Sweet J said...

Also...I will give anyone my social security number and birthdate if asked