Wednesday, May 27, 2009

American Idol

OK look. I do not go off often. I watched Jon and Kate +8 and just shook my head. I watch The Hills and just laugh at Heidi. But this was too much. An American Idol Scandal? Get over yourself. Look I don't care if this a gay vs. straight thing, I don't care if this is a rock vs. folky thing. What I do care about is MSN taking time to report on the fact that because the man who some people think should have won did not......there is a scandal. Look people.....if Adam should have won then YOU FINANCE AN ALBUM FOR HIM.

All the celebrities who think he was robbed should like shut the hell up and produce his album. Kris won. It is done. Did ANY of you complain when Gore was robbed of the white house? Or how about when Arrested Development was taken from the air.

. Get over it.


David said...

Al Gore robbed HAHAHA!!!!! Says the girl who belongs to the party that used 100K dead people in chicago to get jfk elected.

Sweet J said...

Look I do not agree with anything the Kennedy family does. Except the way they say "chowder". I love me some "chowda"