Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Who will save me?

So tonight was our wards Halloween carnival.

I love seeing all the sweet little costumes.

I had two conversations with two cute friends that made me realize I am doomed.

First convo with first cute friend started with me telling her how fab her costume was...she said...
"thanks my mom made it"

Second convo with second cute friend started "come see my kids" 
And they were the cutest Mickey and Minnie Mouse.
I said they were so cute...she said....
"thanks my grandma made them"

It was then I realized the horror....I need a seamstress. Like NOW.

How will I have any cute costumes???? How will Girl Baby survive????

Someone loan me their grandma or their mom.


Sunday, October 23, 2011

Baby Shower

I had a baby shower.

Thrown by my bestie Miss.

It was PERFECTION. Honestly the perfect shower. 

It was the perfect day (76 degrees in the middle of October in Utah...Miss prayed HARD for that)
I had the perfect people there
I had the perfect photog (thank you Heidi)
It was in the perfect location (thank you Cydney)

Well just see for yourself.... miss did all types of cakes with all types of sweet decorations. She baked for a WEEK. Every time I would Hey Tell her she would tell me she was baking or crafting.


Yes...that is a bucket FULL of Capri Suns. HEAVEN.

Uhhh lets talk about the craftiness that is my family. Do you SEE these blankets??? They are maj. Sweet Girl Baby is lucky to be surrounded by craftiness.

AND THESE DRAPES????? Heidi PRETTY much outdid herself. Also see that gift bag in the back? That is from Shauna who wins the CUTEST Girl Baby clothes award with those shoes. No pic but TRUST me...To die for.

This is me...taking in the sites....with a belt around my stomach. That was a bad choice that I suffered through. Also that is my 3298374293874 Capri Sun. 

I had almost all my lovelies there. EVEN THOUGH it was the Halloween dance.

Great friends came...and some even provided Zara boxes...Die

More great friends and family

Here I am trying on what Girl Baby was given....this is how you do it right? 

Now this is me telling my wad members I was going to use whiskey to calm my baby. No one laughed...and I think CPS was called. Side you see how bestie is writing everything down? I have an entire blog post dedicated to that card....just you wait.

Thank you Miss for a FAB shower. It was perf.

And sweet girl baby just kicked me hard in the ribs....I think that means "thank you Auntie Aubry" or it means "stop drinking so much Capri Sun I am sick of it"

Thursday, October 20, 2011


Means that Count Chocula is back in stores.

This is the most magical of all times.

I love me some Count Chocula.

I am usually a pretty strict calorie counter...but thanks to the pregnancy...that is out the door.

SO I can eat an entire box if I want.

Not that I have.


Monday, October 17, 2011

My New Sitcom

So tonight I finally did it.

I thought of the sitcom I am going to write 

Actually...I stole it from a kid at work....but tonight....I finalized it.


That is the perfect sitcom.

I mean if you have ever been in one you KNOW what I am talking about.

This is not to disparage ANY HOA especially mine. I like my neighbors. A lot.

But just think of the characters you could have.

A felon
A shy developer
A lawyer
A counselor

SERIOUSLY this thing writes itself.

And I want Sarah Michelle Geller to play me

Slayer felon


Saturday, October 15, 2011

Craft Night

I am not a crafter. 

I do OK with bestie or my crafty sisters....but me...on my good.

I tried to do something a couple of weeks was an epic fail.

So when I saw these on Design Mom...well I was kind of sad.

Because I want to make them....but I need help.

So I told bestie that after baby we should start a monthly craft night.

I am hoping it goes better than the two times a week I made her put in her schedule for P90X.

So who's in????

Thursday, October 13, 2011

This post

Yep I did it.

Posted a baby bump photo.

I am seven months.

And I have had an EMOTIONAL time.

I cry at...

Law and Order
Dreamgirls soundtrack
Blog posts

Bestie promises that we will look back on this and look back at the sappy text message I sent her yesterday at 9:00 PM.....and laugh at the emotional wreck I am.

Ed promises not to leave me and that he still likes me.

But I am feeling good today...almost normal.

Let's pray this is how it is from here on out.

And if it isn't


Tuesday, October 4, 2011


Yes I watch the Jersey Shore.

That is not my fail.

What IS is getting electric blue extensions THINKING it would be hip and cute.

Until THIS pic showed up on Twitter.

See the highlights? Electric blue.

I, Sweet J, have the SAME hair as Snooki. know...there's that.

Monday, October 3, 2011

What I Know

I know that Conference weekend makes me happy.

I know that the Relief Society Broadcast made me happy.

As I think on these two facts I think....the gospel makes me happy.

And I could live it more fully.

I could love more, accept more, act more, serve more.

I could complain less, judge less, roll my eyes less.

I can be better.

And that is is good to know....because if this was it...yikes.